Google is rolling out a new Google Ads experiments page that promises to “help you create, manage, and optimize your experiments in one place.” There is a new summary page for your experiments and a sync feature.

Previously in Google Ads if you were running an experiment, you first had to create a campaign draft and then test that draft separately in an experiment. Google changed the process so now, you can select a campaign and create a custom experiment for it in a single step.

So now when you set up your experiment, you can specify how long you’d like it to run and how much of your original campaign’s traffic and budget you’d like to use.

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The new Google Ads Experiments page lets you choose to apply the new bid strategy to your base campaign. “This helps you avoid any implementation issues and makes it easier for you to see the expected uplift from your experiment results,” Google said. Here is the summary view where you can click “Apply experiment.”

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Google Ads is also rolling out a new way to sync your experiments with their corresponding campaigns. In the past, keeping your experiments up to date meant that you had to manually copy changes over from your original campaigns. Now it will automatically update your experiment with any changes you make in your original campaigns. Google said for example, let’s say you add new keywords to a campaign while you’re running an experiment on it. With sync enabled, these keywords will automatically be added to your experiment campaign as well. Sync is turned on by default when you create a new experiment.

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You can learn more about this experiments page in this help document.

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