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Every role, every region, and every sales motion. Science-backed content that will boost sales performance across your entire sales organization.

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In-House Sales Training

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Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Design are all part of our combined offerings.

Sales Training Programmes

These programmes help sales professionals gain a better understanding of the market and prospect for new opportunities.

These programmes provide sales professionals with all of the steps necessary to move an identified opportunity through the pipeline and close it.

These programmes teach sales professionals how to maintain and expand existing accounts effectively by identifying white space and building a stronger network of contacts.

These programmes hone the skills of sales managers and sales directors, allowing them to motivate their teams to achieve higher levels of performance.

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Developing Marketing Plans

We’ve done the heavy job, identifying and describing the important selling behaviors most needed to increase sales outcomes and shorten the sales cycle.

Sales Performance

The new Sales Performance Platform from PPCRAO is a digital learning platform that helps sales professionals to acquire and use the correct selling abilities at the right time to win the sale and drive revenue.

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 Selling Curriculum

A comprehensive and up-to-date sales curriculum helps you to develop individual sellers against role-based capabilities that are linked with demands while establishing consistency across teams.

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Sales Technology

Technology is crucial to how we deploy and assess the effectiveness of our interactions with clients and learners. And, because we understand that clients’ degrees of maturity and requirements vary.

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Sales Training Content

For field and inside sales teams, automated sales technologies have provided new efficiency. Without the need for in-person meetings or travel, these solutions allow you to reach out to more customers.

Sales Training Delivery

Sales Performance has the experience, content, and delivery modality to design the ideal solution, whether it’s a whole Sales Academy or a single module for a specific sales difficulty.

“Siddhi solar wanted to overcome these challenges and thereby increase revenue by 10% in each market, becoming the first choice for wholesalers and inspiring top producers to continue growing their business. First, it became increasingly clear that managing their scale would require a new approach. Second, competitive forces were growing.”

Madhur singh

Siddhi Solar

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Partner with us to push beyond the expected, using the skills we help you master to transform business, lead markets, uncover new opportunities, and strike out in new directions.

“Moonsun Energy with PPCRAO Sales Performance to benefit from a customized approach that speaks to the real-world challenges of selling in a particular industry.”

Yogesh Choudary

Moonsun Energy CEO

eCommerce Consultant
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