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What Exactly Is the Target Plus Marketplace?

Get Your Products in Front of a Large Number of Shoppers

Target Plus Marketplace, like Amazon Marketplace and Walmart Marketplace, is a top-tier eCommerce marketplace for third-party sellers. Target, one of the nation’s largest retail chains, joined the eCommerce marketing arena in February 2019 and increased its product range by enabling third-party retailers to sell on

Target Marketplace, unlike Amazon and Walmart Marketplace, is an invitation-only site. This implies that, for the time being, Target+ only offers exclusive relationships with a limited number of third-party retailers. Target Plus’s mission is to work with best-in-class specialty and national brands to provide its committed customers with simple access to a greater assortment of curated products and general merchandise, such as food, furniture, fashion, and household essentials.

Target+ has 30 online Target vendors and 60,000 products in its first year. Target Marketplace has quickly grown to 109 Target partners online and 165,000 products on the online marketplace platform a year after its introduction. Target Plus currently ranks seventh in retail eCommerce sales share, but it is still in its early stages. With over 5 million active Target+ shoppers and counting, there’s no doubt Target Plus will gain traction in the near future.

Take Advantage of the Target Seller Marketplace

to Increase Brand Recognition

Target Plus Marketplace services are provided by PPCRAO Digital Marketing Agency to assist marketers in leveraging marketplace Target’s growing customer base online and across 1,000 Target locations. Begin your Target Plus Marketplace optimization right away to position your products in front of a wider audience.

Our Target eCommerce experts also provide Marketing Strategy Development services to assist you in developing the best strategy for establishing your digital presence on other online marketplace platforms and becoming a partner online Target merchant.
To discover more about our Target Plus services, contact our Target Plus SEO agency.

How and when to Sell on Target Plus

Be Involved and Expand Your Business

Through its invitation-only method, Target Seller Marketplace takes a cautious approach to developing its Target listings. Target carefully selects its Target partners online, with over 100 million active guests, to ensure shoppers receive high-quality product assortments and simple experiences.

There are currently over 100 partner online Target merchants, including well-known, trustworthy brands like Mizuno USA, Serenity Health & Home Décor, Music 123, and Kaplan Early Learning Company. Target intends to add more to its partner online Target listings as it optimizes its product categories over time.

How To Sell on Target Marketplace

To become a Marketplace Target seller, your Target partner online invitation must be approved. If you have a valid Target Seller Marketplace account, you may access Target’s Whitelisting Rules and Approval Settings to choose which item types you can include in Target product listings.

To sell on Target Marketplace, selected brands must meet the following criteria:

  • All Target online partners must have a company and banking presence in the United States.

  • Check if the prices of brand offerings on Target product listings are comparable to other sales channels.

  • Convert photos to JPG format in RGB mode, with a minimum image size of 1200 x 1200px and a maximum size of 2400 x 2400px.

  • Check that photographs do not contain any commercial language, watermarks, or graphic content.

  • Ascertain that all products on the Target Lists have Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) or Universal Product Codes (UPCs) (UPCs).

  • Ship orders within 24 hours and keep transit times to no more than five days.

Keep in mind that Target Marketplace does not support Cross-Border Trade Services. This means that shipping is only available within the United States. Furthermore, Target partner online vendors can construct their own storefront, but the marketplace Target retains control over the client experience.

What is the commission rate when selling on

To sell on Target Marketplace, Target partners, online sellers must pay a 5-15 percent commission rate or referral charge. This commission rate is nearly same to Amazon Vendor Central percentages and, in certain situations, lower than that of other online marketplace platforms.

The Target eCommerce site has a Referral Fees section where sellers on can see if they have specific referral fee settings. By default, a third-party retailer’s compensation rate is based on the category base referral payments.

Begin managing your Target Plus marketplace today.

Are you still undecided about how to sell on Target Marketplace? Our Target Plus web marketing staff is available to assist you. Aside from Target Plus SEO solutions, we also offer advice on how to sell on Target Marketplace and improve your Target Plus optimization procedure to ensure income development.

Contact one of our Target Plus digital marketing professionals to discuss your bespoke Target Plus listing optimization and other Target Marketplace services that are right for your brand.


Why should you sell on Target Marketplace?

Increase Your Sales by Harnessing the Power of Loyal Customers

Target is one of the largest and most well-known retail brands in the United States, with a well-designed, carefully chosen variety of products at moderate pricing. It continually rotates its items in order to attract more customers and keep them coming back. Customers of all ages choose to buy at Target for these reasons.

Target+ expands the client base of Target Marketplace by providing a more convenient shopping experience. When you sell on Target, you may reach a wide range of customers, from families and entrepreneurs to young professionals.

Here are some additional reasons why being invited to sell on Target is beneficial to your business:

  • Access to a large number of loyal Target customers

  • Capability to envision the finest product assortment strategy for mutual progress

  • There is little competition.

  • Online Target listings for integrated partners

  • Enhanced digital capabilities to reach out to customers

  • Gain a market share

  • A thorough application process is used to reduce seller difficulties.

Target Marketplace uses its stores to complete online orders from Target+ and meet customer demand for quick and easy shopping. Target also intends to construct sorting facilities to process and deliver products from its online Target selling partners. Target Plus’s ultimate goal is to alleviate the strain of fulfilling online orders for its Target partners.

Increase your chances of selling on Target. Partner with our Target Plus marketing firm to receive Target Plus Marketplace services that are personalized to your specific needs and goals.

Target Marketplace Services

Establish Your Brand’s Reputation as a Reliable Source

PPCRAO Target Plus SEO services can help you increase your Target eCommerce sales. To optimize your Target listings and maximize organic visitors to your Target+ storefront, our Target Marketplace SEO professionals conduct intensive keyword research and product search volume analysis. We create data-driven Target Marketplace SEO strategies, make sure your product parameters are complete, and choose the best product photos to increase clicks, conversions, and positive reviews.

Target Plus Marketplace optimization includes a significant amount of content marketing. We establish your Target Plus optimization goals and use your existing customer data to produce product descriptions and a content feed that reflect your unique branding and engage with your target audience segments. In order to ensure that you comply with Target and Google requirements, our Target Plus marketing team follows Target+ best practices while producing product descriptions.

Improve the visibility of your Target product listings in relevant search results. Our Target Plus web marketing specialists conduct extensive research to provide you with relevant category and subcategory suggestions for your Target listings. We don’t simply assist you categories your products correctly with Target Plus optimization; we also make it easy for your target clients to find the products they need.

If you are unfamiliar with fundamental shipping criteria, it can be difficult to select the best delivery carrier and adhere to Target Plus’s shipping guidelines. To ease your Target Plus Marketplace administration, our dedicated team of Target Plus marketing specialists prepares a Target+ shipping best practices guide, which includes shipping quantities, pricing, and methods.

Our Target Plus services include duplicate product research and listing reclamation, allowing a third-party merchant to maximize their presence on Marketplace Target and increase their market share. We audit your product listings, conduct market research, and manage and optimize your Target Plus Marketplace account on an ongoing basis.

Evaluate your current Target Marketplace optimization strategy and determine which methods deliver the best results for your business. Our Target Plus digital marketing specialists conduct product and price point analysis regularly to identify your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) and gain actionable insights on how to better sell on


Why Choose PPCRAO for Your
Target Plus Marketplace Management

Get Long-Term eCommerce Marketing Solutions

Our work does not end after your Target Marketplace storefront is set up and optimized. PPCRAO Target Marketplace services include monthly campaign management to ensure that your Target listings provide profitable results for your company. We do a regular Target product listings audit and provide you with data-driven recommendations on how to sell effectively on Target.

Do you require assistance with other parts of your Target Plus Marketplace optimization? Our Target Plus online marketing business can help you with everything from social media marketing and SEO to pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. We can also construct a bespoke web design for your eCommerce business to help you reach out to new markets.

We set up your dashboard to make it simple for you to track your Target+ KPIs including click-through rates (CTRs), traffic, and conversions. During our scheduled discussions, our Target Marketplace optimization team will additionally monitor your campaign and report the findings to your in-house staff. This allows you to concentrate on your core business while we manage the technical aspects of your Target Plus listing optimization.

Do you intend to offer your products on other online marketplaces? In addition to our Target Plus Marketplace services, we also provide Amazon SEO, Amazon PPC, and Amazon marketing. Our eCommerce agency is constantly expanding its service offerings in order to give you with personalized marketing solutions that generate new business.

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