February 15, 2021

In the past years, many believed that marketing mostly belongs to the world of retail and off-line businesses. However, nowadays, professionals rely on digital marketing and digital analytics to attract new audiences and survive the booming competition. As a result, different types of businesses can benefit from Digital Analytics, and the Medical field is no excuse. Doctors, Medical book writers, Educators, Health Coaches, and Wellness Consultants are searching for better ways to connect with communities.

They aim to find and analyze some tools to market their expertise to their global audiences and here is where Google Analytics comes in hand. Continue reading about some powerful Google Analytics’ solutions for Healthcare providers that I explore in my marketing works.

What Marketing and Google Analytics strategies do you use to measure the engagement of your audience?

Whether you are a doctor, dietitian, wellness coach, massage therapist, or book writer you must be already using a website. Besides, there are other means of effective digital communication such as blogs, video conferencing, webinars, real-time discussions, and more. But what are the strategies that you use to measure the engagement of your audiences with your business? Are you aware of your potential customers? What are the communities that have interest in your services? Who is purchasing your products or services at the end? The solutions to today’s marketing challenges are Permission Marketing and Digital Analytics.