As an affiliate marketer, it’s important that you know how to drive traffic to your offers. This is a skill that will make or break you and your business.

So, you’ll to need to devote a most of your time in the beginning to learning how to drive traffic. While it’s simple concept, it’s not entirely easy and will require some effort on your part.

Unlike product creators who can rely on affiliates to drive traffic, as an affiliate, you can only count on yourself and your marketing skills. The traffic you generate can either be from free methods or paid traffic methods.

If you have the budget for it, you can use paid traffic. It’s much faster and you get feedback instantly. If you’re a beginner and are short on funds, there are many free strategies of generating traffic that are effective too. The term ‘free’ is deceptive because you’ll be paying for it in time and effort which we in business refer to as, “Sweat Equity”.

Nevertheless, you can drive free traffic and still make sales if you know what to do and where to find your audience. Below you’ll find a few traffic generation marketing tips you should always bear in mind when driving traffic.

You must know where your niche audience hangs out. If it’s a bodybuilding crowd you’re targeting, they’ll probably be on bodybuilding forums, fan pages for bodybuilders, YouTube channels featuring fitness experts and so on. So, you can go into these places and start siphoning traffic from there to your sites.

The reason so many marketers never do well with traffic is because they never focus their efforts on one method. If you’re going with video marketing, create a good channel and keep making videos till you have a following. Learn how to optimize your channel and videos so that you rank.

If you’re using Facebook groups, learn how to get more members in your group and post stuff that they like, and which can be linked to your web properties.

Pick one traffic method and strive to master it till you have an avalanche of traffic coming to your sites, etc. Once that’s successful, you can move on to the next traffic method while maintaining the current one.

Driving traffic is a continuous process. Keep repeating your efforts and never give up. Even if your first few videos have only 10 or 20 views, keep going. Over time you will get more views and a bigger audience. It takes time for things to snowball.

The same applies to most traffic methods. The more videos you have, the more traffic you’ll get. The more people in your Facebook group, the more comments and engagement you’ll get. The more paid ads you create, the higher your chances of finding winning campaigns. It’s all a matter of time and repeated effort. Always split test your marketing campaigns, ads, images, and your content to find the best winners driving the most traffic and best ROI’s (Return On Investment).

This is another crucial factor. Engage with your traffic. Reply to comments on your videos, blog posts, and/or social media posts. Like and respond to comments in your Facebook groups and ads. The more you engage, the better your relationship with your audience will be. They’ll grow to like you, trust you and will eventually buy through you.

Remember these pointers when driving traffic. It’s not as difficult as most marketers make it out to be. Once you understand how it works and being consistent, you will see improvement in your results. The key to traffic generation is consistency. That’s where most failures occur for marketers.

If you get this right, you will have all the traffic you need. Hope these traffic generation marketing tips helps guide you in your marketing strategy. Here is another article I wrote about affiliate marketing for beginners go here to read full article.