How to Prove Social Media ROI Without Drowning in Spreadsheets

What is the ROI of your social media marketing?

It’s a question that digital marketers have been asking ever since social media became a platform for connecting with customers.

And until now, the answer has been flakey at best…

Only 28% of organizations feel they can attribute value to business outcomes driven by social media.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others provide some basic insights into your audience engagement and reach.

But what is the true ROI of your efforts? Do the time and resources you invest in social media result in leads, sales, and actions on your website?

A shiny new feature from the social media management platform, Agorapulse, promises to prove, once and for all, the value of social media. We were lucky enough to get an early glimpse at their Social Media ROI feature and we were super-impressed.

Here are some more details.

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