How to Use Canonical Tags: Practical Tips

December 9, 2020   |   Posted by Liraz Postan Canonical tags aren’t new. They’ve been around since 2009. In fact, Back in 2009, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google got together to create canonical tags. (Did you know??) Although canonical tags are quite old in the digital world, they are still highly relevant today. Canonical tagsContinue reading “How to Use Canonical Tags: Practical Tips”

SEO Title Tags – A Complete Guide

January 5, 2022   |   Posted by Liraz Postan The importance of SEO cannot be stressed enough, or more precisely, the organic traffic that SEO brings. The reasons are pretty simple. If you venture into an online business, SEO is there to enhance customer traffic and raise your reputation, giving you an advantage onContinue reading “SEO Title Tags – A Complete Guide”

Free Meta Tags Preview Tool!

March 10, 2021   |   Posted by Rank Ranger Having the perfect meta title and description, like a great book cover, are essential in getting users to continue to your website. They’re also a part of having a well-optimized page for Google to drool over. However, all too often the content that makes upContinue reading “Free Meta Tags Preview Tool!”