Research shows that women’s pain has long been overlooked, ignored and dismissed through societal and medical biases. In a rare move for a brand, Reckitt drug Nurofen has launched a campaign to close the gender pain gap. 

The gender pain gap refers to the phenomenon in which women’s pain is less understood and more mistreated compared to pain in men, due to systemic biases and inequalities. Factors behind the gap include a historic lack of medical research and mandatory training for healthcare professionals on women’s conditions, as well as ingrained gender bias in society

The U.K. government said recently in its Women’s Health Strategy that a “male as default” approach exists in research and clinical trials, meaning less is known about pain conditions that predominantly affect women and about how certain conditions affect men and women differently. The gender pain gap can also have a long-term effects on women, with 41% reporting that pain causes trouble sleeping and nearly a quarter saying that pain has led to them feeling depressed (compared to less than a fifth of men who said the same).

Taking pain seriously

Nurofen is addressing and raising awareness of this issue through a platform called “See My Pain.” More than a marketing campaign, the brand has made a series of long-term commitments aimed at finally closing the gender pain gap. 

For example, the company will develop new tools to assist both women and men in their description and articulation of pain when meeting healthcare professionals. It has also committed to gender balance in the design and analysis of its clinical research and will regularly track progress through its Gender Pain Gap Index Report.

The first report found that one in six women experience severe pain every day, women are in pain more often and more severely than men and more than one in two women feel they have had their pain ignored or dismissed because of their gender.

The brand launched its long-term initiative with an ad campaign.McCann London, Nurofen

Nurofen is launching the initiative with ads across print and out-of-home. McCann London created the campaign, while Golin developed the Gender Pain Index Report with support from McCann Health London.

“The launch of the ‘See My Pain’ campaign today is a bold strategic choice from Nurofen to commit to helping make a difference in women’s lives, rooted in the painful insight that there is, sadly, a gender pain gap,” Nuria Antoja, marketing director at Nurofen, said in a statement. “Nurofen’s ‘See My Pain’ campaign, the Gender Pain Gap Index and Nurofen’s commitments to support closing the gap are just the start of Nurofen’s quest to improve conversations about women’s health. We want to use the brand’s power and recognition to continue pushing for impactful changes, and we welcome other organizations to join us.”


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