Local Business Listings are an online marketing strategy you may have heard of in relation to your SEO plan. They achieve three main benefits:

  • Give your business legitimacy online – votes of confidence that increase your organic rankings.
  • Give your business exposure wherever people are looking for your services online.
  • Drive leads and more visits to your website.


Local listings are online profiles that advertise your business details such as hours, methods of payment you accept, products, services, contact numbers, location, etc. The more places your business is found on the internet, the more potential traffic to your website.

There are many local directories that profile your business for free. They may solicit you to upgrade to a paid program, but you are under no obligation to sign up. Why turn down free advertising?


To make your local listings effective, they must be optimized properly. At a minimum, your listings should include:

Correct and Consistent Information

Ensure that your business name, address, and phone number on your website matches what is listed in directories. Keep this information up-to-date.

If you change your address or phone number, for instance, this change should be reflected on your website and in your local listings. Consistent contact information from one local listings directory to the next is crucial to success.

Photos and Videos

Attractive and pertinent photos in directories that allow them is an excellent way to enhance the effectiveness of your listings. Displaying videos is also a strong win for your business. Upload fresh photos on a regular basis.

Keyword-rich Text

Make sure you’re using the words and phrases (SEO Keywords) people type into an online search to represent content in your listings such as services, business description, and special offers.

Good Reviews

Encouraging your satisfied customers to leave reviews on Google (top priority) and other directories goes a long way. Reviews help you outshine your competition and get the click in search results. Reviews are also a ranking factor.


Information on the internet is driven by user contribution, public records, and other sources out of your control.

Local Business Listings management is a professional service that claims ownership of your listings on your behalf (using email and password accounts you own and have full access to), monitors them for accuracy, consistency, and optimization, and handles duplicate listing removal.

Projects Plus takes it a big step further by adding your business to the same directories your competitors are listed in, as well as researching and adding your business to industry-related and local service area directories.

If you manage your listings yourself, make sure you keep a detailed spreadsheet with login information, status, a link to your public profile, and notes.


Some of the top local business directories include:

In addition, your business should be listed in the big four data aggregators. These companies compile business details from public records and feed this information to hundreds of website directories and search engines.

Make sure your business is listed, the information is accurate and consistent, and it stays that way.

The four main data aggregators are:

A strong collection of consistent, accurate, optimized local listings is one of the top five Google local ranking factors.

If you want your business to be found more often, and in a higher position, in search results, local business listings should be a priority piece in your online marketing.