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Slowly but surely, marketing conferences are returning to normal. There is an excellent mix of in-person, virtual events, and even hybrid conferences to take advantage of this year. But, let’s discuss some important factors before you set your 2022 marketing conferences and networking schedule.

First, you need to consider what you’re looking for in a conference and compare that to your business goals and priorities for this year. For example, is there a specific topic you want to focus on, or would you like something more general to help spark inspiration?

Also, consider whether you’d like a larger event with more chances for networking, or a smaller one with better-focused opportunities? Plus, it’s also valuable to see who’s speaking at the events and what topics they are covering. Would a strategist or subject matter expert better suit your goals, or perhaps both? Finally, are you more open to many speakers, or would you prefer a smaller line-up?

Whether you’re comfortable attending in person or want to enjoy from the comfort of your home office, there are numerous conferences worthy of attending in 2022 to network and sharpen your skillset and drive your professional growth this year.

In this post, we will explore 22 marketing conferences that may be of interest for digital marketers to attend, their dates, key speakers, and what attendees can expect to learn at each.

Digital Marketing Conferences

B2B Marketing Exchange, February 28-March 2, 2022

B2B Marketing Exchange is returning in person to Scottsdale, Arizona at the Phoenician Resort this year. This conference packs numerous networking opportunities as well as workshops and sessions on content strategy and demand generation, including:

  • ‘The 3 Drawbridges: How To Cross The Moat Of B2B Buyers’ Attention Scale’ with Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert
  • ‘Qualified On Qualified: 5 Proven Strategies To Drive More Pipeline’ with Sarah McConnell
  • ‘Utilizing Content To Enable Each Stage Of The Funnel’ with James Kessinger

Marketing Analytics Summit, February 28-March 3, 2022 and June 20-23, 2022

Marketing Analytics Summit takes place this year first virtually in February, then at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada in June. Hosted by Rising Media since 2002, it’s billed as “the” conference for digital analysts and offers sessions such as:

  • ‘Analyst’s Guide to Google Analytics 4’ with Google’s own Ken Williams
  • ‘Avoiding the World’s Most Egregious Analytics Mistakes’ with Mehwash Zafar, Deloitte
  • And a ‘Chain Reaction Panel on Data Quality’

Leads Con, March 21-23, 2022

LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert will take place at  Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino with digital marketing experts from leading companies. This conference is focused on performance marketing and incorporating technology in lead generation and will offer sessions on:

  • ‘The Infinite Funnel: Untangling the Messy Web of Modern Consumer Journeys’ with Seth van der Swaagh of Google
  • Three Workshops: ‘Marketing Growth and Optimization Workshop,’ ‘Organic Lead Gen Workshop,’ and the third on partnership marketing
  • ‘Entitled Consumers are a Threat to Your Business – Unless You Make Them an Opportunity’ with Dave Frankland, the Managing Director of Winterberry Group

Adobe DITAWORLD April 2022

Adobe DITAWORLD 2022 is returning for the seventh time for their virtual conference. During this three-day conference, hosts Stefan Gentz from Adobe and Matt Sullivan from TechCommTools will moderate the conversion about:

  • DITA and Adobe FrameMaker
  • Adobe’s DITA CCMS (XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager)
  • Adobe RoboHelp

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC) April 27-28, 2022

There are three ways to attend the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC) in-person at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, live-streaming and on-demand sessions. This conference is the largest digital marketing conference in the Midwest and is noted as “one of the best ‘digital marketing conferences’ by Forbes” and will cover topics like:

  • Content Marketing
  • Brand Strategy
  • E-Commerce

Ad World May 2-3, 2022

Ad World’s 2022 conference is entirely virtual, with over ten digital advertising tracks such as copywriting and conversion optimization. Additionally, impressive Ad World leaders will speak at the conference such as:

  • Arianna Huffington Founder & CEO, Thrive Global, and Founder, The Huffington Post
  • Tatiana Holifield Head of Brand Social, Disney Streaming
  • Simon Morris Global Chief Creative Officer and VP at Amazon

Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo May 23-25, 2022

Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo takes place in Aurora, Colorado, and states it is “The World’s Most Important Gathering of CMOs and Marketing Executives.” This conference will offer over 100 sessions and eight development tracks; several include:

  • ‘Assert Marketing’s Relevancy and the Relevancy of Your Marketing’
  • ‘Orchestrate Multichannel Marketing to Support the Customer Journey’
  • ‘Leading From Within: Communicating Internal/External Change’

CX North America June 7-9, 2022

This year, CX North America offers an in-person conference in Nashville, Tennessee, and a completely digital experience for their marketing and digital leader conference. Hosted by Forrester, this conference will cover the complete customer experience offering insight from their digital marketing and analyst-focused sessions like:

  • ‘The New Consumer & Impact Of The Pandemic’
  • ‘Changes To Culture & Society, Technology, Internal Collaboration (EX), Data & Analytics, and Relationships With Customers’
  • ‘Customer Obsessed Leadership, CX Leadership Skills, Retaining Talent’

DigiMarCon West July 11-12, 2022

DigiMarCon West returns for the seventh time virtually and in-person; for those attending in-person, the conference will take place in Los Angeles, California, at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. This conference will offer numerous opportunities such as strategy sessions, case studies, and cover critical subjects like:

  • ‘Behavioral & Neuromarketing’
  • ‘Omnichannel Marketing’
  • ‘Sales & Marketing Automation’

Technology-Focused Conferences

SWSX Conference & Festivals March 11-20, 2022

SWSX Conference & Festivals will take place online and in-person in Austin, Texas. It will host diverse speakers and events as well as a film, music, and comedy festival. Some of the featured sessions include:

  •  ‘50 Non-Obvious Trends Changing the Future Normal’ with Rohit Bhargava, founder of Non-Obvious Company
  • ‘Future Intersections of Food, Technology & Culture’ with Emily Ma from Google, Denise Osterhues from The Kroger Co., and Andrew Zimmern from Intuitive Content
  • ‘The Second Renaissance of Creativity’ with Jack Conte, co-founder of Patreon

ContentTech Summit March 22-24, 2022

ContentTECH Summit will take place in San Diego, California, focusing on content technology and digital marketing strategy. This three-day conference has unique events and speakers lined up, including:

  •  ‘Boring Content? What Would Jerry Seinfeld Do?’ with keynote speaker David Nihill from FunnyBizz/Hub
  •  ‘Map Content Measures to Business Metrics for More Strategic Insights’ workshop with Noz Urbina
  •  ‘Why it’s Time to Kondo your Content Chaos (And How to Do It)’ workshop with Karen Hesse and Mark Scully

ANA Masters of Data & Technology Conference March 28-30, 2022

ANA Masters of Data & Technology Conference will occur virtually and in-person in Orlando, Florida, at Rosen Shingle Creek. The conference will also host the 2022 ANA International ECHO Awards Gala, which has taken place since 1929. There will be great opportunities to network and learn from C-suite marketing and data leaders about:

  • Trends in data and technology
  •  Addressability approaches
  • Insights in data privacy and measurement

MAICON August 3-5, 2022

MAICON will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, and will focus on marketing artificial intelligence. Learn about AI and the best ways to incorporate it into your marketing strategy:

  • See how AI can help lower costs and increase revenue
  • Learn how to simplify AI integration
  • Examine and understand AI use cases

The Virtual MarTech Summit: Europe October 18-19, 2022

The Virtual MarTech Summit: Europe in Bangkok has a reinvigorated summit focusing on company development this year. This conference will cover 20 case studies and host over 40 speakers covering numerous topics such as:

  •  ‘Data-Driven Marketing & Digital Transformation’
  •  ‘Customer Experience & Engagement’
  • ‘Emerging Marketing Technologies’

#MarTechFest APAC November 4, 2022

#MarTechFest APAC is held at Carriageworks in Sydney, Australia, and is known as the anti-conference for the unique events they offer, focusing on a festival experience over a conference. This event will focus on:

  • Marketing technology key strategies
  • Actionable digital marketing technology content
  • Marketing strategy insights and innovation

Content Marketing Conferences

ContentTech Summit March 22-24, 2022

ContentTECH will occur in San Diego, California, combining content marketing and technology in their conference. With key speakers and innovative sessions including:

  • ‘Content Efficiency Framework: Never Publish a Dud Again’ with Jeff Coyle
  • ‘Convergence or Collision? AI and B2B Content Marketing’ with Michael Semer and Venkat Nagaswamy
  • ‘Empower Your Marketers with this Foolproof Content Design System’ with Amy Balliett

MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum April 6-7

MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum is a two-day virtual conference for B2B marketers with additional workshops held from April 19-21. Some of the unique sessions include:

  • ‘Peanut Butter and Jam…The Keys To Sales and Marketing Alignment’ with Mark Emond
  • ‘Attribution Done Right. How to Prove the Real Value of Marketing’ by Moni Oloyede
  • ‘How To Market Without the Crutch of Social Media’ with Leslie Poston

ANA Content Marketing Conference April 27-29, 2022

ANA Content Marketing Conference will offer both a virtual and in-person conference. The in-person conference takes place at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida. Learn about important topics at this conference like:

  • Content marketing strategies
  • Social and digital amplification
  • Building customer relationships

Confab Central May 9-12, 2022

This year, Confab Central will be at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, Minnesota, focusing on content strategy. Great speakers like Candi Williams from Bumble and Kelsey Shanesy from Target will be sharing their insight at the conference. These leaders and more will cover topics like:

  • ‘Content design for digital products’
  • ‘SEO for findability’
  • ‘Workflows and stakeholder management’

Content Marketing World September 13-16, 2022

The Content Marketing World conference takes place online and in Cleveland, Ohio, with excellent networking opportunities and content marketing sessions, workshops, and industry forums. This expansive event covers numerous topics for all levels, including:

  • ‘Strategy and processes with measurable results’
  • ‘Real-world stories of great content technology’
  • ‘Innovative ideas and takeaways for enterprise marketers’

LavaCon October 23-26, 2022

This year, LavaCon will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana, focusing on growing professional networks and creating learning opportunities with featured topics, including:

  • ‘Connecting Content Silos Across the Enterprise’
  • ‘Leveraging Content to Generate Revenue’
  • ‘People and Project Management’

Set the Stage for Your Digital Marketing Professional Development

There are plenty of opportunities to learn from expert speakers, connect with like-minded peers, and further your digital marketing education at the events above, and others like them. Whether you’re ready to travel and attend an event in person or would prefer to participate virtually is entirely up to you.

Make the most of these events by being an active part of the audience whether you’re attending in person or remotely– ask questions, take notes, share notable quotes, and top lessons learned in social to start conversations with your network. Follow the speakers on social media and ask follow-up questions if you have them once you’ve had time to process all that you’ve learned.

For all your local marketing questions and needs in the meantime, feel free to reach out to us for any support you need.