March 8, 2022·9 min read

Sales onboarding a remote workforce can be made easy if you have the right tools and a clear program. We’ve rounded up five tips to help you onboard new sales reps successfully.

In the B2B world, managers and team leaders have developed tried and tested programs for onboarding new hires in the office, but the shift to a remote workforce has shaken up the sales onboarding process as a whole.

As more and more companies, especially in the tech realm, move to digital-first environments, so have the job postings for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), Business Development Representatives (BDRs), and other sales professionals. Organizations are now hiring for fully remote workforces and are therefore shifting to virtually onboarding their new employees.

We’ve rounded up the key things that you should know about virtual sales onboarding, the advantages and challenges, and the tools to help you through the process.

  1. Contents
  2. 1. Is Virtual Sales Onboarding Here to Stay?
  3. 2. How to Ace Sales Onboarding in a Remote Work Environment
  4. 3. Challenges of Virtual Sales Onboarding
  5. 4. Advantages of Virtual Sales Onboarding
  6. 5. Tips for Managing a Dispersed Workforce While Remote
  7. 5.1 Build an Online Resource Guide
  8. 5.2 Have a Group Prospecting Session to Help Break the Ice
  9. 5.3 Embrace Social Opportunities to Foster Team Culture
  10. 5.4 Celebrate Team Wins
  11. 5.5 Use Asynchronous Video to Your Advantage
  12. 6. 3 Tools to Help with Virtual Sales Onboarding
  13. 6.1 Fellow
  14. 6.2 Vidyard
  15. 6.3 Gong
  16. 7. Build a Stellar Sales Team with Digital-First Opportunities

Is Virtual Sales Onboarding Here to Stay?

The digital transformation of the last few years has shifted the traditional in-person sales industry to a virtual realm and the data so far points to many organizations choosing to stay remote, even after the global pandemic is over.

Companies have realized the cost benefits of not having a traditional or dedicated office space. Many conversations can effectively occur over video, and a reduction in corporate travel has had an additional positive impact on company spending. Whole workforces have now gone remote or hybrid and virtual sales onboarding has become the norm.

Even sales teams across the globe have embraced virtual selling and have quickly adapted to using video for sales calls, team meetings, demo videos, and even virtual conferences and events.

In 2020, we saw the use of one-to-one video creation increase by 471% and expand throughout the entire sales process—including post-sales and support—as remote selling became the norm.

We believe remote selling is here to stay and with it, virtual sales onboarding.

How to Ace Sales Onboarding in a Remote Work Environment

The virtual sales onboarding process can be a challenge if you aren’t prepared. An important part of making sure the onboarding process runs smoothly from the start is coordinating with your IT team to ensure that all new hires are shipped (or can pick up) everything they need at once.

Some things to include in your new hire packages:

  1. An equipment list of everything they should have received to set up their home office properly
  2. Detailed instructions on how to sign in to all the proper applications on their computer
  3. Instructions on how their first day will go, who to report to virtually, and how to do so
  4. Bonus: Include some corporate-branded swag to welcome the new hire and make them feel part of the team

“On the first day, have new hires sign on to the virtual workplace and get everything they need from HR before they move over to meet their team. Feeling settled and having clear expectations will impact morale and how they start their job. Have a plan for equipment and for how you’re going to structure those first few days.”

A portrait of Ellen Stafford who is a sales onboarding specialist.

Ellen StaffordVidyardDirector, Presales & Solutions

For remote sales onboarding, make sure new hires have clear expectations laid out for them of what the onboarding entails and what the desired outcome will be both for them and their managers.

Avoid the old school way of just handing over company material, asking them to read it and then giving a test. If you want your employees to succeed, have checkpoints throughout the onboarding process. Clearly document what you expect them to know at the end of each onboarding session and allow time for questions and discussion.

Being a new hire in a job like SDR or BDR can be tough, especially if you’re starting at a remote workplace and don’t get to meet anyone in person. So making sure everything’s clear, expectations are set, and employees know where to find what they need should be your top priority for your team.

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