5. Start segmenting your audience

Finally, as you are building up some buzz and generating some traffic, you need to find ways to collect and use this data.

Data is your biggest brand asset: The earlier you start collecting it, the more informed decisions and better-targeted campaigns you will run when you launch.

At the pre-launch stage, make sure to start collecting and segmenting your traffic by using the following two methods:

Both of these methods have one thing in common: The ability to re-target your ads to your existing audience, based on their prior engagement with your ad and/or your site.

So when you launch, you will be able target your Facebook ads only to those people who previously engaged with your ads.

Or, you can set up a custom sales funnel or a personalized deal to those site visitors who previously read your article.

In either case, you are no longer moving in the dark: You can use your accumulated data to serve better-targeted, more personalized ads and CTAs to your audience