How to Successfully Market a Boring Business

While we believe no business is actually boring, there certainly are some that are much more challenging to market in an engaging way than others. A small business accounting firm, conveyancing services, or more obscure B2B business can feel far less intuitive to market than, say, a trendy bar or a sports clothing line. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done in a way that your clients will enjoy and respond to! Here are some tips from our digital marketing team in Melbourne.

#1 – Think outside the box for fun, inspiring or interesting content

Content isn’t just about sharing your services or products; it’s about creating a relationship between you and your customer, creating a community, and feeling more involved in the world. To spice up your digital content, share the human side of your business! This can include:

  • Funny memes and relevant TikTok videos

  • Charitable causes and non-profit events your team is passionate about

  • Fun profiles about staff members

  • Interesting client issues that you’ve solved (with permission, of course)

#2 – Focus on being helpful

Maybe your products and services aren’t inherently exciting, but they are necessary. Take some time to dive deep into why people or businesses need you, what issues and challenges they’re facing, and how your products and services can benefit them. Create content that sets you up as a problem-solver – someone they can turn to for a solution they can rely on.

One good way to do this is to think about questions that potential clients would ask when searching for products and services like yours and create content around that. Are there specific times of the year when your services are in higher demand? Then help them prepare for this period. Do you specialise in an area of knowledge that everyone needs but doesn’t have? Create tools that they can use to get the answers they need.

Things like tax calculators, online loan repayment calculators, or home budgeting tools are all great examples of these.

#3 – Share your success stories

Chat to the client’s that you’ve helped in the past and ask them to write up short testimonials about their experience. You may be surprised at what really stands out to them about your business. This also gives potential clients a good idea of your track record and what to expect when dealing with you and your team. Word of mouth advertising is the most powerful in the world, and it’s essential to make use of it because it is objective, independent and relatable. As a little something extra for your clients, you can tag them on social media, offer a little discount, or share information about their organisation, which will help create a positive feedback cycle.

At Digital Freak, we pride ourselves on giving creative, strategic input into every aspect of your digital marketing – regardless of the size of your business or your industry. For us, no business is boring, and we’ll give you practical and engaging ways to show your clients just how interesting, valuable, and important you are to them! Chat to our digital marketing team today for no-nonsense digital marketing solutions that deliver.