The creator economy has taken significant steps in recent years, both in terms of size and viability, with each year seeing more and more creators jumping into the field.

This significant momentum has resulted in an estimated 50 million people currently taking part in the multibillion-dollar creator economy market, according to a report from SignalFire.

Yet, a vast majority of those creators are only doing so part-time, and of the minority of creators who do make content full-time, many of them are unable to leverage this into an income stream that could replace their current full-time job.

Of the two million creators who make content on a full-time/professional basis, only 12% earn more than $50,000 according to research from Linktree.

This has left many questioning what is holding back those 48 million amateur content creators from attempting to transition this into a full-time career, and of the 2 million who already do so professionally, what are the major hurdles holding creators back from monetizing their brand into a livable income?

Let’s take a look at the three biggest challenges creators face when looking to monetize their brand – more specifically through the sales of merchandise, in this case – and how they can shortcut some of these hurdles with the technology available in the market today.

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