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Last fall, the global Pardot community was introduced to the first-ever ParDreamin’, a one-of-a-kind three-day virtual conference stocked with interactive B2B marketing workshops, informative speaking sessions, and surprise guests. If you enjoyed last year’s ParDreamin’ (or found out about it too late to attend), you’ll be glad to know that Sercante is hosting ParDreamin’ again this year, and it’ll be bigger and better than ever. 

Just like last year’s event, ParDreamin’ 2021 will be free to attend, and you can register at ParDreamin.com before the excitement kicks off on October 27th. For an extra-special ParDreamin’ experience, there’s a paid VIP Package and a paid pre-conference workshop on October 26th.

Whether you’re a B2B marketing automation novice or a total Pardot pro, there will be a ton of exciting things for administrators, developers, consultants, marketers, and nonprofit professionals to enjoy at ParDreamin’. Your ticket includes access to more than 60 Pardot-focused educational sessions, as well as exciting keynotes and panels from Pardot experts and fun opportunities to connect with the rest of the vibrant Pardot community.

Here’s a look at how you can get the most out of each day:

October 27th

ParDreamin 2021 officially begins with the Marketing with #GoodIntentions keynote, setting the stage for a series of sessions about practicing compassion in B2B marketing as a means of connecting with today’s customers, along with a handful of more technical panels with Pardot pros. 

Our first day back at ParDreamin’ will close with the much-anticipated Pardot Road Map keynote, where we’ll hear about plans for Pardot in 2022 and beyond.

These are some of the Day 1 sessions that we’re most excited about:

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October 28th

ParDreamin’ 2021 continues with the second-morning keynote, Digital Transformation: Kalmar Marketing Automation, an in-depth customer story about how Kalmar has achieved greater success with automation the last two years. The second day’s closing keynote, Birds of a Feather, will be a roundtable discussion about how to think outside of the box and avoid getting stuck in a rut with B2B marketing.  

These are a few Day 2 sessions that we’re excited about:

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October 29th

The final day of ParDreamin’ 2021 begins with a Demo Jam, leading into a day of tech-focused sessions that will help even the most experienced B2B marketer learn something new and make the most of their Pardot experience. At the end of the day, ParDreamin’ will wrap up with a cozy When Work Flows, Relationship Grows fireside chat featuring surprise guests.

These are a few Day 3 sessions that we’re excited about:

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When all’s said and done, there will be 48 speakers, 60 sessions, and 20 hours of content at ParDreamin’ 2021. For B2B marketers at every skill level, it will be a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, invest in career development, and learn new Pardot tips and tricks. We’re so excited to see the entire Pardot community join together again to share their knowledge and expertise. See you there, October 27th – 29th! 

To learn more and get ready for ParDreamin’ 2021, register now or browse the full event schedule.