Running a website for your business is an ongoing task. It’s important for both your customers and your SEO rankings that you regularly maintain your website and ensure that it is engaging. One of the best ways to show Google, and potential clients, that your website is one of value is to create a blog in which you can regularly generate content. Content is highly important and businesses who have blogs will see a great number of benefits from it. If you are still unsure if a business blog is worth it, allow the below reasons to outline the multitude of ways that it will benefit your business.

Boosts your organic traffic

The first reason that many companies choose to create a blog for their business is to boost the amount of organic traffic that they receive. If you are consistently generating interesting and insightful content, people will genuinely be interested in reading it. Creating posts that people will visit in your blog section will often also result in them becoming intrigued by what your business does and will motivate them to look into purchasing your products or services. When people search for information on specific topic areas, you want to be one of the first websites that appears within your industry. Ensuring that the content you provide on your website is good quality is the best way to do this. A blog is the best way to regularly generate and update this content.

Allows you to establish yourself as an industry professionalWoman sitting typing her SEO business blog on a laptop with a cup of tea and a notebook open on the table.

If you have content on your blog that is thoroughly researched and well-written, you will establish your business as one that is extremely knowledgeable within your industry. Customers will be more likely to engage the services of a business that consistently demonstrates that they are an expert within their field than one who does not do this. A blog is an easy way to show off what your company knows and prove that you are the best in the business. It is also a cheap and effective way to compete with other businesses in your industry as it allows you to generate content that rivals theirs and better engages customers.

Helps you create a community

On top of boosting your professional credibility, a blog can also help you to create a sense of community. Making an effort to inform people of exactly what is happening in your industry and answering any questions that they may have will encourage them to trust you. Customers will value a company that is striving to openly and honestly inform them of what they do and how they can help. Building this community can be achieved through consistently delivering this useful content on a blog and creating the brand image that you are a company that is genuinely here to help.

You can target your desired audience


Through building this community, a blog will also allow you to target your desired audience. Creating posts that reach out to those you hope to be customers is a skill that is important to master. The way you construct blog posts can be done in a way that appeals to the people you aim to target. Make sure that your posts are relatable to your audience and that they provide them with what they are looking for in the online experience of your business.

It will create natural backlinks and boost your ranking

Backlinks are an important part of SEO and one of the best ways to get them is to create content that people genuinely want to link to. If your website does not contain any interesting content, don’t be surprised if you are not generating the amount of links that you would like. If you provide a blog that is informative and genuinely usable as a reference point for other websites, they will be more inclined to link to you. If you are generating many high-quality and genuine backlinks, this will eventually boost your ranking. Google relies on the opinions of other high ranking websites to determine which websites are quality and worth showing to visitors when they do a Google search for information. When other websites link to you as a source, this shows Google that your ranking should be boosted. Aiding this process is best achieved through a blog that attracts these backlinks.

It will increase your outreach


On top of gaining backlinks that boost your ranking on Google, creating shareable content can mean more exposure for your brand, particularly on social media platforms. Users want to share interesting content with their friends and being the supplier of this content will increase your outreach and introduce more potential customers to your brand. Being accessible on social media is becoming increasingly important for businesses and creating popular content is an easy way to instigate this.

Lets you do more internal linking

Internal linking is also important for your website. Through a blog section, internal linking is completely in your hands. You have control over the posts and are able to direct your readers to important pages or points of interest on your website. This can help to convert interested readers into customers as they can be directed to the pages on your website that promote your products.

Helps you keep people updated

A blog section is an easy way to keep your customers informed about what is going on with your business. On top of informing them about your industry, people will also want to stay informed about you. A blog is a great opportunity to tell your customers about new products, new developments or anything else exciting that may be happening. Ensuring that you are keeping people in the know will also increase their trust in you and further the sense of community that your blog creates.

Gives you the opportunity to further explain your products

Gives you the opportunity to further explain your products

While the main pages of your website may be dedicated to quickly and efficiently capturing people’s attention, a blog allows you to elaborate. People expect to read more in a blog and therefore won’t be overwhelmed by the information they are met with. Get creative with explaining your products or services and use the blogging platform to convince people of why they should use your company.

Allows you to get feedback

A blog can also be a good opportunity for you to receive and address feedback from your customers. Feedback, whether positive or negative, and how you deal with it is an important factor that customers consider when evaluating your brand. Having a space to address the feedback you receive will improve the bond between you and your customers and boost your overall reputation.


Content is one of the most important aspects of the online world. Creating good content and posting it regularly can be best achieved through the development of a blog. Content is essential for boosting traffic, creating a community with your clients and also boosting your ranking. If your business website lacks a blog, it’s important to consider starting one and committing to updating it regularly.


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