Here’s the shocking truth: you probably don’t need a FB Group if:

❎ Your customers/clients don’t use Facebook
❎ It doesn’t matter whether people know, like and trust YOU
❎ A sense of community and belonging isn’t important
❎ You drive profitable traffic via paid advertising to a sales page
❎ You’re flogging commodity products on a website

You’re reading this though, so it’s likely those statements apply to you about as much as the term “old-fashioned romantic” applies to Prince Andrew. (Too soon?)

And here’s why building a thriving Facebook Group is a slam-dunk for online coaches and therapists – aka YOU:

✅ Most of your clients will already be on Facebook
✅ There’s no better way for them to know, like and trust you
✅ You can create a thriving community easier than with other platforms
✅ You don’t need to spend a penny on advertising
✅ You’re not a commodity, and your uniqueness can shine out in your Group

It’s also not as hard as you think to get the cannon-ball firing and your ideal members lining up to join.

Of course, like a teenage romantic entanglement, it’s scary at first, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end.

That’s probably why your Group needs a bit of guidance from people who’ve been doing it for years and making money at it for years.

So, Lisa and me have opened up a handful of spaces in the next 7 days from some personal 20-minute Social Media Audits LIVE on Zoom, with our compliments.

In a third-of-an-hour, we guarantee to find THREE easy wins that’ll transform your social media presence, especially right here on Facebook.

If you fancy grabbing one of the FREE social media audits, reach out on FB and we’ll fire you your link to book.

That way you can join the cool kids with A Group That Works.

Love you lots