Whatsapp marketing tools are essential if you want to start marketing for your business through this efficient tool. Without proper tools, you may not be able to connect with your audiences. The tools allow you to set up the necessary marketing infrastructure to ensure your message reaches your clients and possible audiences.

Here are some commonly used tools that you must have for starting your whatsapp marketing-

  • Whatsapp bulk sender tool

The foremost and most important tool is the whatsapp bulk sender tool.  It is a kind of software that you need to use for sending messages to a lot of people. Whatsapp does not allow sending automated and bulk messages to your contact list. But, using our whatsapp bulk sender software, you can send numerous messages (more than200 texts) to different contacts simultaneously. This tool’s most significant benefit is that it exports the contacts from your contact database and creates a personalized inbox for each contact. Hence, whenever you send a message, the receipt gets only a personal message. With a bulk sender tool, you can personalize your message and include multimedia files, local languages, etc. without any problem.

Moreover, you can schedule messages for sending automatic updates to your existing clients like seasonal greetings, automatic transaction updates, etc.

A bulk sender tool also allows you to view the message delivery status. You can check your clients’ last scene and check if they have read your messages on time. It is one of the best tools that allow you to utilize all the features the app.

Whatsapp panel is a unique marketing tool for all our clients and you may know about it before you decide to use. Whatsapp.smsmyntra.com offers a proper panel tool, where bulk marketing becomes effective and fast. Our whatsapp panel allows you to divide your contact list into different small lists for various campaigns. This way, you can easily segregate the targeted audience list as per tier user preference. This diversification also allows you to design unique campaigns exclusively for a separate audience section. Hence, you can create multiple campaigns at once without a lot of problems. You can also use this panel to check the results of the campaigning. The tool will provide you reports like real-time response data, notification, recipient response, and delivery status.

You can also use the unique test campaign feature to check if a number is available and ideal for sending messages through this app.

In addition to these marketing tools that are popular, you need to invest in a good contact list. An adequately designed contact database can make your marketing campaign more successful. Hence if you want to start whatsapp marketing, start investing in a contact database. If you have an email or phone number database, you can use the contacts to find their whatsapp number to engage. Similarly, use the contact database of your existing clients to make a separate database. For whatsapp bulk marketing, this database is essential.

Whatsapp.smsmyntra.com understands the requirement of proper tools for such digital marketing. Hence, we are always ready to offer you the best tool to make your digital campaigning a major part of a successful venture. We also keep the tools updated and add nee features to ensure you get the best service.

What is whatsapp business?

Whatsapp has its exclusive app for business providers and brands. It is called whatsapp business. This comes with many exciting features that allow you to build your brand image.

  • In this app, you can create a business profile for your customers, including your brand image, business address, business area, available business hours, and other details. You can add your email id and website details here to ensure your customers get a clearer picture of your business.
  • You can create your catalog and allow your customers to view your latest offerings.
  • Whatsapp business allows you to arrange and segregate your contacts with labels for future reference.
  • You get to respond with a quick reply or automated reply to your customers.

It is better than the standard API of the app and can allow any brand to create a reliable picture in front of their audience.  We at Whatsapp.smsmyntra.com would provide necessary support for you – to start the marketing of your products and connect with your future client base.