1. Keyword

People search with keywords. Keyword stuffing is the overuse
of all these keywords.

Especially when we want to optimize with a keyword, then we
have to import that keyword into our Articles body. There is a certain level of
SEO Plugins to guide us.

If you continue to give a lot of the same keywords. Then it
will be worn in keyword staffing.

This is something we must avoid.

2. Spam

When you read a blog post. Then in almost all cases, there
is an option to comment and your comment.

But if your comment is not meaningful or if your comment
points to something outside the context of the blog, then your opinion about
the blog is not expressed, then it will be later in the spam comment.

In other words, you are running your website with that
niche. Going out of that niche and going to the blog of any other subject to
comment spam comment.

3. Poor UX

If we want to know UX then we have to understand user

The function of UX is to understand the user experience
which is the responsibility of the designer. Users are human beings and they
constantly change their behavior and preferences.

This becomes much more difficult for you later when you have
to balance their business needs, market needs, and your band, in addition to
meeting their needs.

So UX should be of good quality. Otherwise, the user will
not engage and the website will lose its popularity.

Link building

Unnatural Links

When we read content, we find relevant topics or site links
in the content that we visit. But in the middle of the website, the owner puts
some links inside the content which we don’t normally see. Although the experts
can understand, they avoid it.

But Google can’t avoid that.

For this reason many times after bad effects in our web

So it is important to use natural links.

Duplicate Content

Too often we save time and money by copying someone else’s content, publishing it on our own site, or republishing it by spinning someone else’s content with spinner tools that Google can easily understand.

Again, many times we put our own content on another page without our knowledge. Which is very harmful to a site.

It does not rank the website.

6. Exact
Match Anchor Text Abuse

When publishing articles we have internal and external
links. I put all these links inside any text. Anchor text is the text that is
linked up.

In case of linking more than once, we often link the same
type of text again and again. It has a very bad effect on SEO.

So when we anchor the link. Then of course we have to encode
and link different texts.

Intrusive interstitial Ads

When we visit a website.

Then we get pop-ups after reading articles for some time.
Which is annoying. We talked about UX a while ago, this is exactly what needs
to be maintained in this case.

One thing you should think about is if pop-ups suddenly appear in the middle of reading your articles, what would the matter look like. Surely your reading concentration will be lost right.

This is what the designer needs to maintain.

Because this will reduce your user engagement and increase
the bounce rate.

8. Rich
snippets spam.

We use Rich snippets plugins when doing schema markup.
However, all these plugins help to generate schema easily.

But when we go to use multiple snippets tools, it will get
into spam.

And because of this, you may have to pay a penalty and eat.

So we will refrain from using multiple snippets.

But let me say one more thing. If you use Yoast SEO plugins
then you don’t need to use snippets plugins.

Because in this case, Yoast does not generate schema, then
if you install snippets plugin schema, it will also be spam. Because the schema
of your website has already generated Yoast.

Private Blog Network (PBNs)

The easiest way to rank a website is PBNs. I mean privet
blog network. Post yourself in each with some Domain and Hosting. PBNs rank the
main domain itself.

By doing this we can easily get backlinks.

And well then SEO is very easy.

Google always looks at its future and never allows this kind
of technique.

It’s part of blackhat.

If you do PBNs then Google will surely understand that you
are a black hat.

Then your site will be penalized without any communication.

So it is better not to do PBNs.