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One thing that will stand you out as a pro marketer is to learn how to hack customers’ emotions a few minutes into the conversation.

If you really want to make good sales everyday as a digital marketer, know what customers emotion is and hit your point consistently there.

Don’t joke with this strategy unless you want to leave your money on the table.

Your prospect needs to be attached to emotions.

How do I know this?  Just this month, one of my customers called me on the phone and was lamenting about the challenge.

Asking what can he do to come out from this problem and that he has little money in his pocket to buy the product.

And if he doesn’t get the problem fixed, he doesn’t know it might get worse.

I was listening to him carefully to know what emotions were attached to his problem. 

When I got it, I started telling him what to do with his problems.

You need to spend time getting information about your prospects or clients.

As a digital marketing professional, you learn how to connect with your customer emotions.

To enable you to get to the root of the problem and give the solution needed.

Some Of Customer Emotions” You Should Know

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Greed
  • Joy
  • Thrill
  • Love
  • Surprise
  • Reverence
  • Worry and Anxiety
  • Insecurity

When you know all of these it become very much easy to hack into your customers mind.

With these you can keep them for life and except to even generate leads for you.

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Steps To Hack Into Your Customer Emotions 

  1. Be Friendly 

The first step into your customer’s emotions is a friendliness approach.

Have you ever gone to the hospital and met the doctor for consultation and check up?

How is he related to you? The moment you get into his office, he will say welcome Mr xyz, how are you doing?

How is your health? Then, he will say “tell me your problem or challenge.”

What he has done at the first step is to be friendly with you.

I remember one time when I went for eye check in a private hospital. 

While I was seated at the reception, my name was called by one of the nurses. 

I walked into the doctor’s office and the moment I entered the room, he smiled at me and said how are you Mr Humphrey?

I replied, he started the discussion outside the reason why I visited. He asked my age and said some funny stuff.

Then we laughed together and he started.

Be friendly by coming to the level of your customer or prospect.

Just to make them like you, open up and relate with you properly.

If you’re looking for ways to hack your customers emotions don’t undermine this.

“Remove every form of professionalism in your conversation to them except when necessary.”

2.) Be Simple

Use informal means of communication to interact with your customers.

Don’t speak too much grammar to them. 

Avoid using professional terms except when it deems necessary.

Even if the problem seems large, don’t exaggerate it, because you may not be able to get the right information from them.

Sometimes, your may know that you are faking just to exploit him.

3.) Sell Them Their Dreams

Every customer that comes to have a need and solution. 

Something that they want out of their problems.

For instance, a patient with knee pains who meets a doctor, desires to be fit and starts walking and running like any other person.

If someone comes to you and said I want my website to be visible to the class of people I’m selling my product to.

That is the desired result. If you can provide the result you do it.

 Otherwise be plain and say I can’t do it.

In the real sense of the matter is, hack into your customers emotions by knowing what they want. 

4.) Show Your Customer How To Get The Result

What are you going to do, if I come to you and say, I will like to generate 500 – 1000 leads everyday online.

You say, fine I can do it.

Pay me let me start. In 3 days time your website will.start generating quality leads into your funnel.

If you say that, guess what, you will lose your prospect.

Because your prospects expect you to show it in the way he should understand.

Put the details together and present it in a professional way.

Tell  your prospects the cost of your service and what ways it will be provided.

But stay at your professional level.

Make sure to fulfil your promise and don’t be double tonguing.

If you give guarantees, let it be realistic and be able to serve your prospects’ needs.

These are some of the best ways to hack into your customers emotions and make him your friend for life.

Do you have anyone I did not mention here? You can comment below, let us know about it too.

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 Let others also have a taste of it.

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