By the time they contact you, prospective customers have done significant research. They’ve checked you and your competitors out thoroughly. That includes reviewing all of your content. They’ve probably made a list of their top two to four companies. At this point, they’re close to making their buying decisions. As a result, content marketing crushes cold calling.

Similarly, when shopping for a vacation resort, you read reviews, look at pictures and compare prices. Now, it’s a matter of identifying the ones that include your top amenities and are available on the dates you need. Consequently, it wouldn’t do any good for a resort to cold call you. You’ve done your homework and are ready to book your trip.

Content marketing plays a similar role for B2B buyers as it does for you when you shop for a resort. Prospects are counting on you to deliver content that educates, informs and inspires them. It’s such an important touch point that you can’t afford to ignore it. And it’s an excellent way to stand out from your competitors.

I shared suggested content marketing ideas earlier in this post. Those are great starting points, but you’re not limited to those. Think about creating evergreen content that you can repurpose and reuse across different platforms. That way, you can reach the most prospects in the ways they like to consume content.