As you read this, I’m in Thailand, where I’m privileged to hang out for a few days with some remarkable humans.

My mentor Mitch Miller has invited me and four of my peers to his place for 5 days of networking, learning and inspiration. I’ve checked out their CVs, and these guys (and a gal) are flying.

They recognise that life and business is a daily battle to thrive and survive, and they accept the challenge. They’re serious marketers, who’ve all travelled halfway round the world to be in company with like-minded entrepreneurs.

I’m looking forward to unpacking some of my head trash, and leaving it for landfill in Chiang Mai.

I’ll gain new insights into what it means to succeed as a 21st century online coach or therapist, and I’ll be bringing back all manner of good stuff for YOU to use.

Mostly though, I’m excited to be around a table with people way smarter than me, and see where it takes me.

As Karl Bryan says, when you sit with warriors… the conversation is different.