Businesses can develop their brand voice, view competition efforts, and engage with customers through social media. That’s why it’s important to know the best social media platforms for your business. Using the right platform for your target audience can amplify your visibility and sales and take your business to the next level.

Top 15 Social Media Sites in 2021 to Catapult Your Business

Considering the best social media platforms for business is important. You can engage with customers in a personalized, cost-effective way through social media. In fact, the cost is lower than nearly all other marketing channels for its scale, reach, and targeting capabilities.

It is generally difficult to find numbers on Google My Business (GMB) monthly active use and Google use in general. The number we use below combines the best monthly active user estimates we could find for both Google Search (4 billion) and Google Maps (1 billion). That number at least indicates potential viewership if not the businesses that are posting within GMB.

1) Google My Business Google Business Profile (f.k.a. Google My Business)

5 billion

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 GMB Oyova

In 2022, Google renamed Google My Business to Google Business Profile. Not only does Google Business Profile let your customers know that you sell what they need, but it provides reviews for social proof of your quality. You can also use Google Business Profile to release localized content. Before thinking about content, though, it is critically important to claim and verify your listing.

With an upgraded experience on Search and Maps, you can complete verification, update your profile, or resolve other issues directly from search and edit what people see when they search for your business, including responding to reviews. Consider this: an up-to-date profile is 70% more likely to attract location visits, gets 7X more clicks, and is 50% more likely to lead to a purchase. With more than 5 billion active users, Google Business Profile is absolutely one of the best social media platforms for business.

2) Facebook 

2.91 billion

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 Facebook Oyova

Regardless of your industry, another of the top social media platforms is Facebook. Search Engine Journal listed automotive, consumer goods, e-commerce, entertainment, financial services, gaming, media, retail, telecommunication, and technology as some of the most dominant industries on the platform. Release regular live videos and stories or create or join groups. Focus on starting meaningful conversations – this is what the Facebook algorithm prioritizes. Another option is a Facebook Messenger chatbot (see more on Messenger below).

3) YouTube

2.562 billion

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 YouTube Oyova

A billion hours of videos are watched by YouTube users every single day. This incredible volume definitely puts YouTube near the top of the best social media platforms for marketing. You can upload videos to get subscribers and interactions by creating a YouTube channel.

YouTube is not just one of the largest social media sites but also one of the largest search engines. It is important to use SEO best practices on YouTube if you want to succeed. Companies across diverse industries can use YouTube, including the highly regulated legal, financial, and medical sectors.

4) WhatsApp

2 billion

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 WhatsApp Oyova

Why is WhatsApp so powerful? It is the most widely used messaging platform and is in more than 180 countries. Also, people open messages of this sort, with a 98% open rate for SMS (vs. 20% for email).

Their business platform allows companies to share updates to customers about their purchases and provide customer support. With two separate apps for small businesses and enterprises (WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business API, respectively), growing your business with one of the top social apps is getting more strategic and convenient. WhatsApp is great for booking businesses such as Uber, airlines, and for financial transactions. Companies with physical storefronts can also benefit with QR codes that customers can scan in stores where they can interact with you online.

5) Instagram

1.1478 billion

Instagram App- Oyova

Coaches, influencers, and companies selling products will find success on this image-based platform. Consumer packaged goods, fashion, cosmetics, personal care, wellness brands, and much more can elevate their brands with one of the best social media platforms for business – Instagram. If you have a younger customer base, consider that 75% of 18-to-24-year-olds use IG.

6) WeChat

1.263 billion

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 WeChat Oyova

WeChat is a full-featured platform that started as a messaging app. Your customers can book you or make reservations through it. They can also shop online, so businesses that sell products can use this app too. If you want to elevate your brand in China, you can run ads or connect with WeChat-based influencers.

7) TikTok

1 billion

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 TikTok Oyova

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social networks of all time. It is the king/queen of social in terms of short-form video. Businesses across industries can benefit from using TikTok but note that users who are teenagers or younger make up 1 in 4 US users.

8) Facebook Messenger

988 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 FB Messenger Oyova

In 2011, Facebook turned Facebook Messenger into its own app, Messenger. (The app is still integrated with Facebook, though.) All types of businesses can send newsletters, chatbot communications, and advertisements through it. A super-fast way to provide customer support.

9) LinkedIn

774 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 Linkedin Oyova

LinkedIn is growing quickly in its impact around the globe. Even with those numbers, when you’re diving into a best social media platforms comparison, LinkedIn may not be every company’s choice, but B2B businesses especially should thrive. Consider that 50% of US college graduates use LinkedIn.

10) Snapchat

557 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 SnapChat Oyova

Content disappears on this platform. Publicly displayed Stories standardly disappear after 24 hours. Videos or photos sent as messages can be customized for disappearance time. If your audience is younger than 35, snap away.

11) Telegram

550 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 Telegram Oyova

Telegram is a security-enhanced social messaging app. You can provide direct support, create chatbots, or use the channel feature for broader promotion. Good for companies with a solid tech presence with lots of features to engage customers.

12) Pinterest

444 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 Pintrest Oyova

Pin and organize digital bulletin boards by category. Add location and product detail information with Rich Pins. Perfect for B2C businesses such as home décor, fashion, beauty, food, luxury goods, and other physical products.

13) Twitter

436 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 Twitter Oyova

You can share images, polls, links, and videos, along with short messages. By retweeting and mentioning, you integrate with the community. Remember brevity: the average length of a tweet in 2018 was just 33 characters! Twitter is, according to Salesforce, the “New 1-800 Number for Customer Service.”

14) Reddit

430 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 Reddit Oyova

Reddit is also one of the best social media platforms for business. It’s known for its integration of niche communities (150,000 of them and counting) with content. Target your niche for interaction, but do not self-promote. It is against the terms.

15) Medium

170 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 Medium Oyova

Medium blends a social network and publishing platform. You can actually republish your blogs on the platform for broader reach.

Which Social Media Sites Are Best for Your Brand?

Make sure you are prioritizing the right social media platforms for your business, specifically, to fully optimize social media benefits. Segment users and refine targeting.

Here are a few basic steps you can take to develop a sounder, more lucrative social media strategy:

  • Have a goal in mind when you open each account that goes beyond simply using it as a marketing channel.
  • Have a firm grasp of each platform.
  • Allow the capacities of the platform to guide what purpose you think you can achieve through it.
  • Look at the user data for the platforms you think will work best: income, gender, age, location, interests, etc.
  • Ensure that the latest available data related to social media sites fuels your ongoing strategy.
  • Get social media marketing help from professionals (see below).

3 Need-to-Know 2022 Social Media Trends

Here are three quick 2022 trends to help as you pare down the best social media platforms for your focused strategy:

#1. Across Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and other platforms, digital creators are key to building communities and brand awareness. 

#2. Short videos continue to lead the pack for digital content. With increasing options for live video and voice platforms such as Twitter Spaces, companies have incredible opportunities to engage their target audience.

#3. Social commerce continues to grow. In 2022, projected social commerce buyers will reach more than 97 million in the U.S. That’s 38.2% of internet users, which doesn’t include companies involved in international commerce.

Elevating Your Brand

Do you want to refine and sharpen your business’s social media presence?

Social media is continually evolving, and your marketing strategy needs to evolve with it.

At Oyova, we work with you to develop a customized strategy that fuels your growth. Then we center our efforts on the best social media platforms for your business. See our seven-part social media marketing process and contact us today to schedule a free consultation.