Google Testing Web Stories Instead Of YouTube Videos For NFL Games

Google is testing displaying web stories in place of YouTube videos for searches on NFL games. Personally, I still see the YouTube videos but some folks, like NFL enthusiast Mordy Oberstein, is seeing Web Stories instead of YouTube videos. Mordy shared this screenshot on Twitter saying “Looks like Google is testing Web Stories instead ofContinue reading “Google Testing Web Stories Instead Of YouTube Videos For NFL Games”

YouTube Video Ideas – The HOTH

YouTube videos can help you build brand awareness, promote your products, and drive traffic to your website. But you’re probably one of the 2.3 billion people who use YouTube, so you already know that videos are engaging and useful. The problem is that there’s never enough time. You’re busy, and making YouTube videos is justContinue reading “YouTube Video Ideas – The HOTH”

Beginner’s Guide to AdSense for YouTube in 2022

Want to create an extra income stream for your business? The easiest way to start is to monetize your YouTube videos with AdSense ads. Top YouTubers earn up to $29.5 million per year, most of which comes from Google AdSense ads shown in their videos. If you want to join the club, you need toContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide to AdSense for YouTube in 2022”