The Ultimate Keyword Research Guide for SEO

Excellent keyword research uncovers the terms, phrases, questions, and answers that are important to your users and customers. Your keywords should also support business goals like getting more pageviews, capturing leads, or selling products and services.  To drive more truly qualified leads to your site, you’ll need to know how to do organic and paidContinue reading “The Ultimate Keyword Research Guide for SEO”

The 12 Best Competitive Intelligence Tools for Market Research

For businesses of all sizes, good competitive intelligence is crucial for success. Business owners and marketers need to understand the competition, stay ahead of industry trends, and adapt quickly as markets shift.  Conducting custom market research or purchacing quality market intelligence software can be prohibitively expensive. And cheaper options, like “state of the industry” reports,Continue reading “The 12 Best Competitive Intelligence Tools for Market Research”

What Is Keyword Research – A Guide For Beginners

What is keyword research? It seems pretty straightforward to anyone who does SEO on a daily basis. But for someone starting out, keyword research can be a baffling topic. I remember reading a long tutorial about keyword research back in 2005 and still being confused about how it worked. The worst thing was, I couldn’tContinue reading “What Is Keyword Research – A Guide For Beginners”

New: Seobility Keyword Research Tool

We’re happy to introduce a new tool today that has probably been the most requested Seobility feature ever: our brand-new free Keyword Research Tool! As with all of our tools and features, our main goal was to develop a tool that’s easy to use and offers many helpful features. Keep reading to learn more aboutContinue reading “New: Seobility Keyword Research Tool”

Using Research in Your Content and SEO Strategy

Loyal readers may recall that the second issue of PAGES included an article by Vince Nero that described how to leverage linking intent. While most of you will be well versed in the different types of search intents, linking intent might be less familiar, but it’s really a pretty simple concept: linking intent describes searchesContinue reading “Using Research in Your Content and SEO Strategy”

Topical Authority Research – A Semantic SEO Strategy

December 1, 2021   |   Posted by Darrell Mordecai There is a basic semantic SEO strategy that can help your site gain massive traffic. That strategy is called topical authority. This SEO paradigm shift is a result of search engines attempting to understand the meaning of search queries to bring the best results forContinue reading “Topical Authority Research – A Semantic SEO Strategy”