How to Use Internal Site Searches to Inform SEO Strategy

Successful eCommerce retailers and marketers must use all the metrics they can to improve customer experience. But one often overlooked data point is internal site search results, which are packed with SEO potential.  Using this data to optimize your website to get higher search engine rankings is known as “site search SEO” — and ifContinue reading “How to Use Internal Site Searches to Inform SEO Strategy”

Internal linking for SEO: The complete guide

From site menus to blog posts, every website uses internal links. Yet, when you think about SEO and linking, your mind automatically goes to backlinks. There are countless articles explaining the ins and outs of getting quality links from other websites. But what if I told you that a good internal linking strategy can boostContinue reading “Internal linking for SEO: The complete guide”

Internal Linking Strategy for SEO

“I don’t know how to do link outreach and I don’t have money to buy links.” – So what internal linking strategy should we follow?” This is a question I have heard multiple times over the years and I always ask the person if they have WordPress admin access (or access to whichever platform theirContinue reading “Internal Linking Strategy for SEO”