How Email Marketing Works in 2022 – The Definitive Guide

Understanding email marketing is one of the keys to running a successful online business. This email marketing guide breaks it down and shows you exactly how email marketing works. Why You Need an Email List There are many good reasons why you should start an email list. But the most important one is this: UnlessContinue reading “How Email Marketing Works in 2022 – The Definitive Guide”

How To Get Your Business On Google: The Definitive Guide (2021)

How often do you click through to the second page of Google’s search results? If you’re like most, probably never. In fact, the click-through-rate on the second page of Google search results are so low that less than one per cent of Google search users ever click to something they’ve found on page two. If you want yourContinue reading “How To Get Your Business On Google: The Definitive Guide (2021)”

What is Content Marketing? Definitive Guide for Executives

Additional Resources Build a community Great content marketing brings people together based on common demographics, interests or affiliations. This can take the form of a brand-based community or something that’s more focused on a topical area. Take Sephora. The brand has created and nurtured its Beauty Insider Community, filled with interest-based groups, a forum, Q&A,Continue reading “What is Content Marketing? Definitive Guide for Executives”

Understanding Canonical URLs: The Definitive Guide

The link element rel=”canonical” – often referred to as a canonical URL – is extremely important yet still frequently subject to common misconceptions and incorrectly used even by seasoned SEOs who’ve been in the industry for a while.  So, without further ado – in this guide, let’s take a close look at what canonical URLs are,Continue reading “Understanding Canonical URLs: The Definitive Guide”

Email Marketing: The Definitive Guide

The Content Newsletter The Content Newsletter is a newsletter that provides 100% pure value. The value can be in the form of a handful of tips. Or links to helpful resources. Or a personal story. The exact type of value doesn’t really matter. As long as you don’t pitch anything, you’re good. In fact, pureContinue reading “Email Marketing: The Definitive Guide”

Video Marketing: The Definitive Guide (2021)

Template #1: The How-to Video The How-to Video is just like it sounds… It’s a video that shows someone how to do something, like bake a cake or do a pushup. For many businesses, how-to videos will be your bread-and-butter. In fact, how-to videos are like a video version of blog content. They’re not designedContinue reading “Video Marketing: The Definitive Guide (2021)”