more options to consider.


To make my calendars, I start by scheduling posts that have anything to do with the company. For example, product news, advertisements of their products or special sales. Next, I take time over the next couple of weeks to schedule trending articles and videos to keep content new and fresh.

How to Get Organized

Time management is very important for staying organized and simplifying your workload. I suggest scheduling out time dedicated to industry research, image creation, and management.

For example, I take about a half hour every morning to check social profiles and engage with users. Keeping a simple workload lets you and your company be flexible with upcoming campaigns or projects.

Sync Accounts: Spring and summer include vacations and other events that might take you out of the office. Start syncing your accounts to a user-friendly app to stay up-to-date with posting and engagement when you need to get away. Most social media calendar apps have easy apps to use for on-the-go posting.

Article/News Organization: I love tools that help us hold ideas and content. Having a solid stock of industry articles makes for easy content creation. I suggest using sites like Evernote, which include an app, and our personal favorite, Pocket! Pocket not only makes it easy to save by clicking one button, you can also search articles related to a certain topic, perfect for stocking up content.

Keeping your social content organized will make your life easier and not so stressful. Start this planning process this weekend, over the holiday break, and you’ll thank yourself when the holiday season comes along!

As social commerce is booming, keeping a consistent social media presence over the holidays is a must. More and more customers are using social media to find gift ideas for the season. You need a consistent social media presence over the holidays!