Before the can opener was invented – almost 50 years after the invention of the can – it was really hard to finagle your way into canned goods. Before the invention of sliced bread, making a good sandwich was a real chore. And, before someone came along and made actioning scalable and profitable social media strategies for B2B enterprises possible, delivering a strong ROI from social media marketing was tricky, to say the least.

Now, we can’t lay claim to sliced bread, but we like to think that our social media management platform is the best thing since. It empowers our clients to embrace the full potential social media marketing holds for boosting awareness, generating leads, honing the customer experience, and growing thought leadership for long-term prominence in their industry – all that without requiring you to triple the size of your marketing team.

From LinkedIn to Instagram, TikTok to Facebook, the best social media channels for generating leads aren’t just about B2C anymore. A strong B2B social media publishing strategy can change the game. Literally. It’s all about having the right plan in place – and the right integrations…

Oktopost Integrations 

Our platform provides MarkOps with the tools they need to automate and streamline the most time-consuming parts of social media marketing. From automating real-time social listening and monitoring to centralizing community management, simplifying post scheduling, automating the process of repurposing and rephrasing content, and curating key analytics that demonstrate your social media ROI, every tool and feature has been engineered to address B2B marketers’ pain points. 

But that’s not all we set out to do. Social media publishing doesn’t exist in a vacuum – your movements on social media should inform other parts of the business, just as other parts of the business should inform your B2B social media strategy as it (inevitably) evolves. 

That’s why building an integrative platform – one that makes space for and creates automated lines of communication with other vital tools for marketers and sales teams – was the name of the game for us. 

CRM Integration 

For most B2B enterprises, the CRM represents one of the most important tools of the trade. Without it, lead nurturing becomes nothing more than a guessing game – a never-ending corridor of closed doors, behind which you’ll find either the pot of gold or a dusty plume of moths.

But a CRM that isn’t integrated with your social media marketing platform is missing a key detail – or a collection of key details. These days, interactions businesses have with leads and customers on social media represent major developments, particularly when you’re still trying to move them through the funnel. 

How to Use Oktopost’s CRM Integrations

The best social publishing platforms can integrate with leading CRMs like SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics, and we’ve specifically designed the Oktopost toolset to bring insights to you – AKA, the CRM’s users – rather than requiring you to bounce back and forth between one platform and another. Tools that disrupt the usual flow and require a considerable investment of time from busy teams aren’t really tools at all – they’re just disruptions that offer a little value back to users. 

For this reason alone, integrating Oktopost’s insights couldn’t be easier. Users needn’t leave their CRM to review key insights generated from social media. CRM lead management stays the same in every respect but one: it gets more insightful. 

    • Use CRM integration to keep track of interactions
      If you’re nurturing a high-scoring lead and you’re keeping a close eye on every phone call and every email, but you’re not keeping an eye on every interaction they have with your LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and/or TikTok, then you’re missing a pretty vital piece of the puzzle.
      The more coordinated your approach to nurturing leads feels, the more impressive your business looks. If comms feel detached from one another – if an interaction on Facebook isn’t followed up by a personalized email or phone call, for instance – then things feel disjointed. This won’t necessarily derail your prospects with leads, but it won’t optimize your lead generation and conversion strategy either.
      Speaking of personalization…
  • Use CRM integration to identify high-value topics and boost personalization
    CRMs focus on direct interactions with leads and existing clients. It makes sense why. On balance, those are the most important factors to consider when you’re in the nurturing phase. You don’t want to love-bomb them or chase them up for meetings and commitment so much that they just run for the hills. A CRM helps you pace yourself and ensure that your comms are about quality rather than quantity.
    Oktopost offers detailed data on every single post your marketing makes on social media, from reach to the nitty gritty of how specific leads interact with your posts. If your CRM is able to demonstrate the key topics of interest that engage your leads, then you’ve got a lot more to work with when it comes to creating that follow-up email or setting up a meeting.
    Knowing what your leads want to read about and discuss is like knowing where to find the X that marks the spot.  
  • Use CRM integration for attribution modeling
    Social media still feels like uncharted territory for a lot of businesses, particularly in the realm of B2B. There’s an enduring assumption that tracking the impact social media marketing has on lead acquisition and conversion simply isn’t possible – and, as a result, that investing in social media marketing is something of a stab in the dark.
    Oktopost makes it possible to identify the ROI delivered by each one of your social channels, down to the very last tweet. Through integration with your CRM, social attribution will be clear and accurate and supported by plenty of data gathered automatically as you progress. 

MAP Integration

For a complete overview of your marketing processes and ongoing campaign, a MAP is all but essential. It brings together all the tools and methodologies marketers need to manage omnichannel digital marketing in a way that proves scalable and rewarding. MAPs are far more beneficial to marketing teams – even smaller teams with more limited marketing goals – than MATs, since centralization and clear visualization of the entire process is what enables these teams to excel. 

Omnichannel digital marketing gets complex fast, which is why a strong MAP is generally considered to be an indispensable tool for marketing teams. Think of it like a tiered wedding cake – the dowels at the center keep it stable, upright, and looking presentable. Your MAP is one of those dowels, and the different flavors of cake represent all the different avenues of digital marketing that yield vital insights into leads and customers. 

But taking on social media marketing means adding another layer to that cake, and you don’t want those dowels to fall short, or it’ll only be a matter of time before that top layer slips off. 

Just like your CRM, your marketing automation platform is given a real boost by Oktopost’s insights when you integrate our tools.

How to Use Oktopost’s MAP Integration

Oktopost is designed to inform a lot of different areas of marketing, lead scoring and generation, and the sales cycle. CRM integration for HubSpot and other leading MAPs is designed to ensure a 360° view of your digital marketing efforts, uninterrupted. 

Valuable social media insights generated each and every day by your different channels will become a key part of your timeline, ensuring you and your team are always fully cognizant of every interaction without the need for manual data entry or catch-ups. 

  • Leverage data to adapt campaigns
    All digital marketing and lead generation campaigns need to remain flexible as the lay of the land inevitably evolves over time – but in order for you to utilize that flexibility, you need to have the right insights to work off.
    Oktopost automatically curates key data and insights generated through social media within your existing MAP, meaning you don’t need to switch back and forth between platforms just to get the picture. Keep track of significant interactions with specific leads so that you know how (and when) to adapt. 
  • Combine your MAP and social media insights for better lead scoring
    Lead scoring can be your very best friend when it comes to streamlining your lead generation techniques and maximizing return on effort, but only when you’re using the right criteria to score those leads. A lot of sales and marketing teams will utilize information generated on their MAP, but overlook some key social media-based behaviors that signify strong interest. By bringing the two together, you can perfect your lead-scoring approach and get a stronger ROI as a result. 

Sales can action data faster and more effectively
Social media marketing and sales don’t naturally overlap, although it’s clear to see the value a more collaborative approach holds for a business. With the right integration, social media insights are more easily accessible (in real time) for sales teams, making it a lot easier for them to respond to change – say, a shift in sentiment – as and when that response is needed.