If you’re in the business of selling information, good luck.

We’re living in the information age. That should give you a clue about how abundant and universally available information truly is.

In fact scrub that, we’ve just been birthed into the AI age, giving us an exponentially easier portal into the sum of human knowledge.

Even worse, information is mostly free, so why would anyone pay you for YOUR version of it?

Here are some reasons why, potentially:

  • Your information is a new discovery, only known to you
  • It’s so life-changing, they’d be mad not to access it
  • It’s available elsewhere, but you’ve reframed it as your own
  • You expressed it in such simple terms, anyone can now understand it
  • They trust you so much, they ignore the same information from any other source

It’ll still be a tough ride, because nobody really wants more information. We all want LESS information.

We want more impact, abundance, happiness, wealth, time and a menu of other pleasures. More information doesn’t directly lead to any of those things.

So when you’re crafting your content, messaging and offers, maybe think about shutting off your firehose of information, and shower them with the good stuff they actually want.

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