The musician posted a brief video of a slithering pool of leeches on Friday to his story on Instagram. Machine Gun Kelly approaches wellness in an extreme way. The 32-year-old first-time nominee for a Grammy Award uploaded a brief video to his Instagram post on Friday showing his tattooed chest and abdomen with a pool of undulating leeches covering up his belly button region.

In the clip, he wrote that the leeches were his best pals. Leech therapy on his belly button has roots in ancient Egypt and is thought to improve blood flow while detoxifying the digestive tract and liver. It should make Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly’s fiancée, happy hearing it because the two have a history of drinking one another’s blood. Fox announced their engagement in January by writing that they drank one another’s drops of blood.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Partner Megan Fox Talks About Their Blood Rituals

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His partner Megan explained to British Glamour that their blood exchange is more like a drop or two for only ritual purposes and not like full-on vampire carnage. As a result, she reasoned in April that their drinking one another’s blood drops would mislead people or people are seeing them with tumblers like in Game of Thrones, sipping each other’s blood. But that isn’t how it is. They occasionally drink one another’s blood for ritualistic purposes alone, even if it’s just a few drops.

She mentioned that she engages in meditation, tarot card reading, astrology, and other esoteric activities. On full moons, new moons, and other occasions, she performs rituals. Therefore, whenever she does it, it is a pattern and is employed for a specific purpose. She states it’s under control as they spill only a few blood drops and swallow it all.