I run a Shopify design/development agency and am trying to expand our lead generation with PPC Google search ads targeted at keywords like [web design for shopify], [shopify expert agency] etc. I felt this offering was best suited to search, as opposed to display ads.

I’ve spent ~$1.5K for 135 sessions over a few months and gotten 0 meetings booked (let alone actual conversions). I’m a bit shocked, as I thought my landing page and CTAs were pretty clean and optimized to make booking through my Calendly pretty simple. I even added a personal video to try and build a bit more trust.

Here is the landing page: https://aisoft.dev/shopify-design-development .

Does anybody have any advice on to what I’m doing wrong? I’m out of ideas here.

P.S. I also ran ads for a similar landing page ( https://aisoft.dev/conversion-rate-optimization ) and booked 2 meetings in the first few days and then ZERO for months after that with no changes; how is that possible?!