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We have seen clients wasting lot of advertising budget on google ads and facebook ads and even email marketing without perfecting the offer. The landing pages examples we have seen are mostly the reasons why conversion rates are low. This blog talks about landing page optimization tips with some links to landing page templates.

What is a Landing page?

  • A landing page is a page on your website where you send direct traffic from the ads. Not on home page
  • According to a developer, It is designed to convert customers into leads or sales.
  • Example – if you are promoting hair removal clinic in dubai in the ad, then you take them to the hair removal clinic page on your website. Which increases your conversion or lead generation rates.
  • A landing page is a space where you can impress your audience by creating new designs and having a lot of traffic to your landing page.

Landing page design

  • We first decide which type of landing page design you want. Should match with your company branding and styles.
  • There are many landing page design softwares and landing page templates available like unbounce, wix, leadsquared and many others
  • We can also make custom design landing page which is faster and mobile responsive. This landing page file is then uploaded on your website and the url address can be provided as needed.
  • It takes 1 – 2 days for landing pafe development with the right content added.

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How to design perfect landing page


Landing Page Examples

What is the difference between a landing page and a website?

  • Landing pages have content specifically for your customer or viewer.
  • From the landing page, you track the results of your business directly.
  • Unlike landing pages, websites have many landing pages, and not all the pages in the website are focused on conversions as the landing.
  • There are many landing page examples you can find from google search for your particular industry so do try that

Which one to choose, website or landing page?

  • It depends on one’s requirement, what results in you want the business to achieve.
  • If you’re going to make a quick presence of your business online, you can go with a Landing page.
  • But if you want your business to have multiple pages like blogs, e-commerce carts, then you go with a website.

Remember, if you are planning to promote your services or product or event or any purpose. A landing page can help you get the right desired results. This will improve your conversion rates too. Just make sure to sweeten your offer. Think why a customer wants to do business with you? Think about the value you provide them. Check our past landing page examples for more details.