Kelly Stafford who is the better half of Matthew Stafford, the quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams makes an apology for name-calling a troller as a misogynistic pig. He however had gone to the extent of mocking Kelly Stafford for not applying makeup.

The troll stated that Kelly Stafford would have a hint of cosmetics if she was not married. Kelly Stafford was agitated by an offensive troll like this and snapped back at the Instagrammer by naming him a misogynistic pig. She takes this matter to her Instagram story and he mockingly wished her a happy holiday.

Kelly Stafford’s Sudden Apology

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Some hours later what do we see on our screens? We see Kelly Stafford go through a change of heart and land up apologizing to the Instagram troller. She expressed her repentance for giving in to a troll. She says that she truly refrains from name-calling and dislikes a process like this. Hence, she extends her apologies and also makes a valid point of thinking before remarking on someone. She asks the Instagrammer to think of a similar case occurring to either his wife or sisters or daughters. Kelly is sure that even the imagination can be wildly upsetting. 

Kelly Stafford goes on further into the topic claiming that she has never really been into cosmetics and that she is quite comfortable with her skin. She is never worried about her looks. She says that being in her thirties has taught her to love herself the way she is. Knowing and standing for your values is what gives Kelly her confidence. She says name-calling is something Kelly is against and asks to accept her apology but furthermore puts in her point that what happened was wrong and it would be bad if the tables go around.