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Episode Summary

At its core, lead nurturing is rooted in data. The more data you have on leads, the better you can craft engaging content and messaging.

But it’s not enough to base your conversations on your audience’s website and email activity only – what about social media?

In this episode, host Jennifer Gutman reveals that buyers are actually spending an average of 116 minutes on social networks each day, making it the ideal channel for marketers to leverage when nurturing leads.

If your audiences are not active on your website but are very active on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, then you’re missing out on a realm of valuable lead data, which can inform you of buyers’ needs, challenges, and interests.

Hot Topics of this episode include:

  • Using social engagement data to nurture the right people, with the right content, at the right time
  • Getting social right so your sales teams can use social engagement data to personalize their conversations with their prospects
  • How to capture negative sentiment in real-time and use it to exceed your customer’s expectations

Resources mentioned:

In any B2B sales cycle, knowledge equals power. Using social engagement data to nurture leads and prospects, marketers in SaaS companies have found that over the course of a month, real-time social interest emails can generate 2x the click-through rates than typical nurturing emails (meaning, emails that don’t take into account social engagement). Use these guides to incorporate social engagement data into your lead nurturing:


The Definitive Guide to Social Engagement Data Inside of Marketo


The Definitive Guide to Social Engagement Data Inside of Hubspot


The Definitive Guide to Social Engagement Data Inside of Eloqua

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Gutman passionately believes that social media is the anchor of any successful B2B marketing strategy and is currently serving as the Director of Customer Marketing at Oktopost.

She joined the company in 2014 when the team was 5 people strong and has since been transforming the way B2B organizations manage and measure social media.

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