The one time I got punched was a few decades ago, standing outside a pub late on a Saturday night.

I was waiting for my taxi when this guy around my age came and stood next to me.

He had an open bag of chips (fries for you ‘Mericans) that smelt flipping irresistible. Courage bolstered by a few pints of ale, I reached across, snatched one of his potato-based hot snacks, and stuffed it in my mouth.

Within milliseconds he lashed out and delivered a sturdy punch to the side of my head that sent me reeling.

Thankfully, my cab pulled up before I had chance to ponder my next stupid move, so I jumped in and went home to prepare for my hangover.

Why am I telling you this?

Because there are many other times in my life when I have enjoyed more than one chip purchased by someone else, and never got whacked.

Simple reason: I asked permission first. Most people are nice if you treat them politely.

And in your 21st century online coaching or therapy business, you can get amazing things for free, if only you ask:

  • Collaboration with a “rival” Group admin who has an audience of your ideal clients
  • Joint Venture using marketing assets devised by someone a bit smarter than you
  • Use of an inspirational post/meme someone else created
  • Permission to white-label an author’s eBook that might thrill your tribe
  • Requoting some inspirational blog you saw online

Plenty more, but you get the idea.

Just don’t get punched in the head (or anywhere else), as it could sting for years.

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