Micro Job Sites: Tips to Make Money doing Micro Jobs Online working from Home


Micro jobs are massively popular and for very good reason. They are one of the simplest forms of making money on the internet and for buyers, they are a great way to get tasks done quickly and for a very low price. However, because the average price for a job can be low (as little as $4) it is important to find ways to maximize your income.


How to Generate Income from Gig Jobs – Tips to Earn Money Online Safely from Micro Job Sites.


The micro job sites have become all the rage because people love work from home jobs. And for very good reason: there is probably no easier or quicker way to make money online. However, with quite a number of sites out there, and thousands of people offering their services, making a lot of money – or even any money at all – is not guaranteed. If you are very new to online jobs then the first of all you should research, explore, and analyse such platforms by your own. Read opinion and reviews by other people who have got prior work experience working with Gig sites. Don’t just jump the idea of making money doing gig jobs online. 

There are lots of online forums out there on the Internet and there are thousands of real people who discuss real and practical ideas for making money safely and successfully working from home. You should read and learn from such people who have shared their true and real experiences. There are lots of great online forums dedicated to small business ideas and work from home job discussions. Visit here to check out some really high end online forums to learn about the best ways to earn income with Micro Jobs.


If you’ve been around the internet lately you’ll notice the following are the best Gig sites to start doing micro jobs online:

i) Fiverr.com
ii) CrowdSource.com
iii) ClickWorker.com
iv) Fivesquids.com and find here a list of 10 Best gig Sites for Micro jobs

Micro Jobs- How To Make Money Online Delivering Gigs

So, what is the best way to make money online from micro job sites?


Tips to Make Money Online Doing Micro/Gig Jobs on Freelancing Sites


The first thing you should do is consider very carefully what it is that you can offer.

Register your jobs with sites that offer higher payments. Although the original model for micro job sites is there lots of buyers who don’t mind paying a bit more if they know they are going to get a quality job.

Break your job down to the smallest possible component. Whatever service you provide, you can’t make it too complicated. This is because it will take you too much time to complete. You want to ensure that the time spent is in line with your income expectations.



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Consider outsourcing: You may be able to find other workers who can do the job for a lower price than what you advertise it for. If you can do this you are in essence having other people working for you. Once you get it working well you could even scale it up; take on more people and be limited only by the number of jobs you get.


Imagine if you could get fifty jobs done per hour by other people and you make just one dollar profit on each.

Is there something that you do that is in high demand which you are particularly good at? Think through all the things you are proficient at and come up with a list of things you can offer. Then craft them into your jobs.


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Next, think about how much you are going to charge for a job. Don’t think you have to be cheaper than everyone else. In fact, it is often to the contrary. Many buyers shy away from the lowest priced jobs because they know that they are likely also to get the lowest quality. Buyers will certainly pay a bit more if they think the job they want will be done well.


The third thing is that you want to craft a really good ad. Take the time to complete your profile. Give a good impression to your prospective buyer that you are an authority in your field and that you are both knowledgeable and reliable.


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Deciding on the Pricing and Delivering the Micro Jobs  Successfully:


Once you have your jobs clearly defined, you have set the price and you have crafted a good ad, the next thing to think about is what sites you will advertise on. Some people try to put themselves down on every possible site but this is not necessarily a good idea.


Pick a half dozen that you like the look of to start with until you get a good feel for how the system works. You don’t want to develop a reputation for not delivering if you suddenly get too much work.


One little-known trick is to try to find new sites and sign up to those. They won’t have many other people to compete with. If you get in early, as the site grows you will be well positioned ahead of the pack. Also, some of the owners of new sites will be working very hard to get their site established, which you will benefit from.


Micro job sites are a great way to earn money online. Making money online through posting jobs on micro word sites can be rewarding as well as profitable. By using the above steps it is possible to increase your income dramatically for the same time spent.


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