You know how some coaches and therapists seem to be throwing free stuff out there like they don’t have anything to sell? 

And you know how awkward they sometimes appear when they’re trying to ask people for money afterwards?

That’s because they sailed into the friend-zone. They set up their stall so everyone thinks they never charge anyone for anything.

So if you want to retain your dignity, authority and your ability to ask for payment even after you’ve chucked a load of no-cost goodies at them, you need to calibrate the relationship from the get-go.

Here’s a cool way to save face when you’re giving stuff away, and justify making a free offer:

One of us has to make the first investment if we’re going to develop any kind of working relationship.”

That sets their expectations that you’re doing this as a one-off, and as a precursor to something altogether more commercial.

Neat, eh?




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