Topic 1 – On-Page SEO:

Although many do not want to pay for this, it is very expensive for me. Why brother? Everyone wants to read about the love of form, brother. You can ask competitors for help on how they are doing.

Topic 2 – Long Tail Keywords:

 If you can do keyword research properly, it will be easier to get your site ranked. That’s why you need to focus on long-tail keywords and LS keywords while doing keyword research. This keyword has a high conversion rate and is easy to rank 80 percent. Now the rest of the work is yours.

Topic 3 – Enter Long Content:

And yes, when writing content, you will write more than 1 line from your competitor, but there is no benefit in writing harbor, brother, Google has become very stupid after the update, so you have to write what your visitors want and understand the keyword content.

Tips: When writing content, look at the keyword density a little bit. So you can use long-tail keywords (fun).

Topic 4 – Write consecutively:

If you can perform consistently in a game like a cricket, you are more likely to get a chance in the team. Just like Google Mamur and this is the choice. So you can do the routine of publishing content weekly or monthly or every 3 days. But I think it’s better to post twice a week. And yes bro sometimes changes the look of the old content a little. (Brother will play this time)

Topic 5 – Forum Site:

 Use the forum site for targeted traffic, your visitors are always chatting here so you can use this chat to match them and take them to your team. I didn’t say much (secret)

Working Time

Guest post on Topic 6 – Authority site:

See why, brother, have fun !!

It helps your target traffic slowly while increasing the brand of your blog.

Sir, keep the video in the middle of the content, you have a lot of profit (I will say one day after the profit, brother).

And yes, guest posts increase your domain authority. “Hahahahahahaha “

Topic 7 – Social Bookmarking / Blog Commenting:

This is easy, brother, don’t forget to publish your content on social bookmarking sites, if it is good, it will be viral and very effective with referral traffic to your site.

Some social bookmarking sites: Tumblr, Scoop,, Reddit, Digg, Diigo, WhatsApp, Instapaper.

Blog commenting:

On your Nice Relevant site, you can gently take the authority of the site by commenting on the blog and do it manually, brother.

Topic 8 – Social Media Marketing:

 For example: Create niche relevant accounts on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and publish unique content in groups, pages. (See the rules).

You can easily get your customers through social media marketing.

Topic 9 – Internal Linking:

Keeping your site silo strut simple will help you to do internal linking, and your visitors will be able to visit your site easily. Do the internal link in a good way so that Google Mamu comes to the site and crawls for fun. (The rest is history)

Topic 10 – Push notifications:

If you want to get traffic to your WordPress blog, “push notifications” help increase your traffic. How about bro, when a visitor comes to your blog he subscribes to your push notifications. When you post or update something new, visitors will easily get notifications of your content. (Try it)

You can use these two plugins for free on OneSignal / PushEngage

Thanks, everyone for reading my post.

Let me know in detail how you feel.