Mitch Miller AKA Marketing Jesus lays out the ultimate secret to success as a personal brand when he says:

Develop your own phraseology and language, because it removes comparisons to competition.


Therefore you dictate value and they can’t price shop, because you are it. 

And in your 21st century online coaching or therapy business, this means understanding what you really bring to the world, and spinning some new words around it.

In JHM we’ve “invented” ideas like these:

Hard Helping™ instead of hard selling
A Social Cocoon™ instead of just a thriving community
The Daily Brain Tattoos™ instead of just emails
Thank Flip It’s Friday™ instead of just weekly live streams
The Academy Secret Sessions™ instead of just VIP coaching calls

See the difference?

Nobody else has those things but me.

And if they do, they probably copied them from me anyway.

What do you have that’s uniquely yours? 

Love you lots,