SEO is the most effective tool to generate leads and increase your brand awareness on search engines. Hiring an SEO specialist is good if you want more individuals to see your website. For SMEs, SEO is a very affordable digital marketing tool that has been shown to boost leads and sales.

To improve the site’s rating on Google, SEO professionals apply hundreds of various SEO variables. They can guarantee that your website appears at the top of search results because of their vast experience and tried-and-true techniques.

But how much does an SEO agency Pakistan charge for a one-time project? Read till the end of this post to find out how much SEO services cost and what factors affect their cost.

How Much Does SEO Agency Pakistan Charge?

What is included in SEO packages?

SEO packages aim to improve a company’s organic search engine rankings. By providing SEO packages, agencies can provide essential SEO services at a reasonable price.

SEO packages are often monthly subscription plans that can be further tailored to the needs and objectives of the business. They are available for both local and national SEO efforts. SEO agency Pakistan offers the following services in their packages:

  • Technical optimizations, 
  • Keyword research, 
  • Link building, 
  • Content generation 
  • On-site optimization
  • Off-site optimization
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website Support
  • Reporting

It depends on companies which service they include in their packages. An SEO company in Lahore typically has three packages, but some can have more.

What factors affect the price of SEO services?

There are multiple factors that affect the price of SEO services. Prices vary from company to company. This is because some agencies are new in the field while others have been working for longer. There are some factors too that significantly impact the pricing.

Cost Structure

It involves how you are going to pay your SEO services fee. It may be:

  • Paying per project
  • Paying per month
  • Paying per hour

For pay-per-project, it’s common for SEO services or digital marketing companies to propose a price that includes every aspect of an SEO project.

In the case of pay per month, you get a regular project report for a fixed amount you pay per month. SEO freelancers usually follow the pay-per-hour method, but some agencies do that too. In this method, you pay the total cost of the experts’ hours spent on your SEO project.


The content already published on your website and the new content that’ll be published in the future affect the charges of an SEO company in Lahore. Therefore, if you hire an expert SEO agency in Pakistan, expect them to inspect your website and devise a strategy thoroughly.

Linking on the Website

Google algorithms are constantly changing, but the importance of backlinks is still there. The link-building is a hectic and time-consuming process; therefore, if you are working with an SEO firm for link-building, get ready for an extra amount of links too.

The Overall Website Structure

As stated above, Google algorithms are constantly changing. Therefore, if your website was on top searches in the past and you didn’t work for its update, it will fall. In such cases, SEO companies charge more for website updating.

Ranking of the Website

Ranking your website is another hectic exercise for digital marketing agency Pakistan. In this case, the cost of SEO services is indirectly proportional to your website’s current organic ranking. In short, the higher your website ranking, the lower the SEO service cost, and vice versa.


After setting up your business, it is necessary to analyze your competitors locally. A number of competitors decide how much struggle you have to make to promote your business. To outrank your rivals, SEO companies must carefully devise an effective strategy which is a challenging practice. This way, your number of competitors affects your SEO services cost.

How Much Does SEO Agency Pakistan Charge?

Pros & Cons of hiring an SEO company in Lahore

Nothing in this world is perfect. Everything has its pros and cons. It is the same for SEO companies in Pakistan. Whether you should hire an SEO agency is a tough decision. Therefore, we present some pros and cons of hiring an SEO company.


  1. It is the Right Decision

A reputable SEO company has probably worked with hundreds of clients, so they have a wealth of information and knowledge to help them decide which path to pursue your SEO campaign. Even if they cannot devote as much time as a full-time employee, the appropriate approach may enable you to operate more efficiently.

  1. You have a unique Outlook

You have a unique perspective on a company when you are not directly involved in day-to-day operations. You can offer information that someone deeply ingrained in the organization might overlook.

  1. They’re Accountable For Your Project

When working with an SEO agency, monthly deliverables must be completed based on an agreement. While an inside specialist may have the best intentions, meetings and other everyday tasks can prevent them from writing blogs and reaching out for backlink chances.

In short, you can ask for the ongoing progress on your website.

  1. Expertise & Resources

Not only will an experienced agency have SEO experts on staff, but they will also have developers, designers, and paid strategists. For on-site SEO, the development component is essential. If you wish to experiment with paid advertising or social media, you may quickly broaden the project’s scope with more resources.


Now that we have discussed some advantages of working with an SEO company in Lahore, let’s discuss some of the disadvantages, which are as follows:

  1. A Sort of Prison

Some companies will want you to sign a 12-month contract. Avoid doing this. Ensure the agreement includes a 30- or 45-day opt-out period if you aren’t satisfied with the outcomes. If they don’t provide you a means to opt-out of the contract, try to get a 30-day consultation to at least get the approach outlined.

  1. Foul Practices

There are many agencies that follow illegal or outdated tactics for your SEO. They have shady backlinks to their website that are outsourced. Therefore, make sure you have three to five references before hiring any firm.

  1. Lack of Time

Some organizations require at least 40 hours of effort each week (or more) dedicated to SEO. A client/agency relationship will only work if you expect the agency to be available to you all the time, every day of the year. The client shouldn’t expect the agency to deliver on time or ahead of schedule, nor should the agency overpromise.

Considering the pros and cons of working with SEO firms in Lahore, working with one rather than working in-house is advised. You are more likely to get your desired results instead of doing SEO alone.

How to Choose the Right SEO Agency Pakistan?

Given below are some tips to choose the right SEO company in Lahore for the best outcomes for your website:

  • Check the Google reviews and ratings of multiple SEO firms.
  • Visit their office in person if it’s possible.
  • Always keep your budget in mind while checking their packages.
  • Choose a reputable agency instead of a low-cost one.
  • Search engines never express the criteria on which they rank websites. So, if a company guarantees it’ll give you top rankings in no time, beware of them!
  • Don’t limit yourself to SEO only. Think of a long-term plan for your company.
  • Always check the number of services they offer.
  • Make sure they provide reporting on your website’s ongoing progress.

These tips will help you choose the right SEO agency Pakistan for your company.


Your business is like your child; whether you want it or not, you have to give him time and resources for its nourishment. Therefore, always think of hiring a professional SEO firm in Pakistan. For your assistance, Digital Media Line has provided outstanding services to our clients for almost half a decade. We offer a wide range of services at reasonable prices.

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