Did you know that Google rolled out 4,500 algorithm updates in the year 2020? That’s approximately 12 Google search updates a day! This year we are expecting even more. If you are a digital marketer, content writer, or someone with an online business, just getting your work done isn’t enough anymore. You have to put in the extra effort. You can also consult an SEO Company in Tampa for a more hands-on approach to core business-driven tasks and their expansion.

Google algorithms can make or break your business. But are Google algorithms your main obstacle? No! The continuous changes to the algorithm are. Hence, being aware of the major updates becomes fundamental to your business. One such algorithm is the new Google Search Update, which was rolled out from August 25, 2022, to September 9, 2022.

Have you ever come across an absurdly repetitive article?? If a piece of content has no purpose for the reader, why was it written? Simply, because they wanted more SEO traffic. The new Google SEO changes were introduced to stop such uninformative content from ranking high on SERPs. The SEO update is rightfully named ‘Helpful Content Update’ which aims for a superior and informative user experience.

People-centric content 

Google updated its SEO algorithm intending to rank informative content higher. Ask yourself- will the reader feel they have learned something about the topic? Will the content help them? Make sure your content qualifies as ‘people- first’ rather than existing for the search engine.

Executable Content

Ensure your content has a key takeaway. Once, someone is done reading your content and still has no clue about the next step, your content becomes redundant. Moreover, make sure your key idea is noticeable and catches the imagination of a reader who just wants to skim the page.

Tip- Include your key takeaway in the conclusion. Bolden, it to make it noticeable.

Niche content

Did you venture into writing about a field that is not your niche? If you think that will get you more SEO traffic, you may be incorrect. With the SEO’s new update, Google urges to focus on a niche industry and be an expert. It tends to garner more favor from Google rather than creating lots of content on different topics.

Provide sufficient answers

Create your content by saying something useful. The core idea of content should be to answer people and their queries. It shouldn’t be written just keeping the focus on the keywords. Answer the question that led the searchers to your website! If searchers are happy, Google is happy.

Stick to factual claims

With the new Google Search Update, it has cautioned against making skeptical claims. In case you aren’t sure about the authenticity of a particular piece of information, make sure your reader knows that your content includes something inconclusive and/or rumored. This also helps in establishing a relationship with the reader.

Demonstrate first-hand experience to the reader

This one is specifically for people who do affiliate marketing or reviews. If you use affiliate links for commissions, make sure you review products and services you have personally used. Google suggests that authors avoid writing about something they haven’t experienced themselves. Such content will likely be redundant and add no value to the readers.

Add value – the secret sauce

Do you know how your grandma makes her flavorful meatballs and spaghetti like no one else because of her secret ingredient? Similarly, being an expert in your niche field puts you in a unique position to add value for your readers. Do you know something that others don’t? Put that something extra in your content.

Update your content

The digital world is very fast and you need to keep up the pace. Never assume your hero content will keep bringing you traffic perpetually. Keep your content updated, fresh and relevant. Such content provides the most benefit to the readers and hence SEO traffic for you! Ideally, you should update your content once a year.

Follow Google’s guidelines

Make sure that you are keeping in mind Google’s core updates and guidelines. This ensures visibility for you. If you are following Google’s guidelines you are in a better position to benefit from the Helpful Content update too.

Overall reader experience

Google has urged the creators to keep in mind the overall reader experience when they go through your content. For example- an author decides to write a review about the latest iPhone’s camera quality but doesn’t include any photo of the same, the readers will search again for a complete user experience. The idea is to eliminate the next search by providing a 360-degree experience in your content.


If you have noticed any big changes in your SEO traffic since September 2022, it can be attributed to this Google search update. You can keep in mind and follow the aforementioned ideas to bounce back if your traffic took a hit. You can also consider turning to a Tampa SEO Agency to utilize its treasure trove of ideas and analytical skills to reach the envisioned traffic for your business.