Financial services brands work with customer data ranging from simple website visits to highly sensitive personally identifiable financial information on a daily basis. Whether you work in the fintech, insuretech, or traditional insurance and finance sectors, your business faces new challenges today around the use of data for marketing.

Consumers have become more conscious of how finance brands use their private data to market to them. Privacy legislation and cookie policy changes also present new impediments to the online growth potential of financial services brands.

Added to this, future policy revisions will make it crucial for financial service advertisers to set up the right tools. and have an in-depth understanding of how data can be collected and used, so they remain compliant and don’t see marketing performance decline due to these changes.

In our latest guide, the “Data-Led Financial Services Marketing Checklist”, we explore the transformative potential of data-driven marketing strategies in the finance and fintech industry. We delve into the use of data for marketing, and look at factors that that require careful considerations, including: