In most people’s minds, “new” translates to “better.” A new model, new course, new post—these are all ways of attracting attention and keeping it. People like to try out and view new things, go to new places, everything “new” could be an attraction. So, keeping your website updated is a good way to boost SEO!


Make sure we help! A useful website makes a good SEO. Users are pleased when the contents fulfill their intentions. Moreover, Google chooses the best websites that possibly solve the users’ problems and ranks them on the top of Google ranking. In consequence, always put yourself in users’ shoes to make sure the contents help!


Good content must be unique and informative to foster interest and stand out from the other contents. There are millions of websites with great contents on the Internet, and to become a unique and useful one is important for effective SEO. SEO unique content contains tons of useful information, with the writer’s own opinions and data. No sense for Google to rank your website if your content is no different from others. As a result, duplicate material is a no-no in SEO.


  • Statistics, listing, infographic

Readable. Nothing is more vital than making text easy to grasp, which is mostly determined by whether the content is readable. Many elements influence the readability of a piece of text, including jargon, terminology, spelling and grammar, and sentence structure. In addition, statistics, listing, and infographics make reading processes easy.


Did you know that 46% of all searches on Google are seeking local information whereas 97% of search engine users searched online to find a local business according to go-globe. Most importantly, 72% of customers, who search for local businesses, end up visiting stores within five miles. Hence, localization helps users especially when they search for something “near me” such as “badminton court near me”, or “gym near me” .

For example, when a Malaysian user searched for “culture”, Google would possibly promote Malaysia cultures articles first instead of other countries. Take note that localization in your contents is also important where the contents could be images, videos, currencies, and ecommerce retailers.


  • Interesting & well designed

Lastly, for the sake of user experience. An interesting and well designed website enhances user experience. An easy to use website which provides interesting information, and breadcrumbs makes the searching process smooth. Long story short, Google will most likely rank the websites fulfilling all good content aspects to the users, delivering effective SEO.