With changing technologies, tool and algorithm updates, it is difficult to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends. You can increase your brand’s organic traffic and visibility in SEO. You can build a brand with a social media presence. You can always sell more with an effective marketing campaign. But, how do you know what to focus on first?

It all comes down to one thing: work smarter, not harder. Our digital marketing agency in Dubai has to be on top of the future and current trends, so we have done all the heavy lifting research for you. As we are moving towards 2023, here’s a list of digital marketing trends we are keeping an eye on. 

Digital marketing trends

  1. Data collection

In 2023, brands are expected to be more proactive in collecting data through different practices. Forms are a great way to find out information about customers that could help you in the sales funnel or help in your next business decision. Even the most basic and common forms can gather valuable information that helps you turn prospects into buyers. 

You can use various tools like HubSpot to input customer data like email address, name and phone number then add it to your mailing list or keep tabs on the visitor’s activity whenever they visit your site. This will help your sales team in knowing whether the website user is in terms of their buying journey.

  1. Visual search

Nowadays, instead of writing a whole description on Google, people can simply insert a picture and get the required information about that particular product. Similarly, like when a user searches for a product, it presents similar products and where to buy them.

How can your brand leverage visual search? You can insert high-quality images tagged with keywords and introduce an image search in your online inventory. Brands that advertise in such a manner get boosted results. Also, consider the following:

  • Add alternative texts to every image
  • Having an image sitemap can be very beneficial as it can help to increase the likelihood of images that are discovered by search engines.
  • Use descriptive file names for all images before uploading them
  1. Online review

Online reviews can either make or break your business’s ability to attract potential customers. While any company can talk about their products or services, customers can leave an honest and unbiased review. Having many positive reviews can help to make your business stand out amongst the competitors and start building trust before they visit your website.

  1. Google verified listings

Google My Business is very beneficial as it provides valuable information and helps to establish the geographical location. It’s good to have a geographical-defined service area with Google My Business listing in showing up for “near me” matches. It lets customers know about your business within Google search results. The benefits of verifying businesses are:

  • The businesses that are verified are considered more trustworthy and reputed than unverified ones.
  • You can easily manage the business information in Maps, Search and other Google properties.
  • It is good to verify your business as it can help to prevent fraud such as someone trying to claim that he/she is the owner of your business. 
  1. Real-time messaging platforms

Real-time messaging platforms are a great way to reach potential customers efficiently. In the era of instant gratification, you need to do every possible thing to equip the prospect with as much information as possible, or else they might lose it to the competitors. These platforms are popping up more as businesses are looking to engage and provide better customer interaction.


To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, digital marketing trends are constantly evolving. We think the above-mentioned ideas and tactics are going to be a huge game changer for the foreseeable future. What do you think? What marketing trends do you feel are the right ones for your business? Confused? Or do you need any help implementing these digital marketing trends into your strategy? Worry no more! Our digital marketing agency in Dubai can help you with the same.

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