Do you sometimes feel like life is a smorgasbord of distractions, chattering monkey mind and societal expectations designed to keep you on the straight and narrow? Instead, you discover you are on the road to a future with little promise and no tomorrow and wonder what happened. 

Many people float through life like a pinball machine. They are bouncing off obstacles, opportunities and barriers at random with no apparent purpose or intent and waiting to exit stage left.

One of life’s biggest challenges is finding purpose, creating an intention and then connecting it to the power of focused attention and acting. Most of us get distracted and wander from shiny toy to shiny toy. Distraction to the next popular attraction. At the whim of others. Wanting to please well-intentioned mothers.

Taking the time to reflect on the question, “What should I do with my life?” and finding a sliver of an answer that whispers to you is hard work. It’s time to stop hiding under the doona, wandering through life with no purpose and just showing up without any focus.

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