Goal: They need to sign up and play the game.
Types Of Offers: CPA, CPP, CPI
CPA Network: PwnGames (Sign-up link)
Traffic Sources: Native, Pop Under, Display
Browsers: All
Devices: IOS/PC/Linux
Target Demo: 18+
Requirements: Users must come back the following days to keep playing, and eventually spend money in game.

Landing Page Example:

Tips For Finding Landing Pages:

Anime & Magma sites will be the best sources to find ads and funnels. This is because their demo is mostly made up of 18+ males. A demo that will respond very well to our nsfw game ads. As Anime sites tend to have a lot of “suggestive” content.

Free Spy tools: Affbank | BigSpy

The most common gaming landers are questionnaires. Once you have one, you can turn it into a template. This will help you scale a lot easier, and quicker.

You will have to know some basic HTML & jscript to edit these landing pages.

Be sure to keep the background image on topic!

Ad Image Examples:

Image Elements: What to look for.

Stay on topic! LOA3 is a game about fighting angels. Find images of angels with a weapon, and lots of cleavage. If they don’t have wings, its likely not worth testing. It will be misleading, save your money.

Elvenar is a game about building a town in a fantasy world. Use some type of image that expresses a fantasy world, and building. You should be able to look at the ad image and know its about city building without using any headlines to describe it.

Game of thrones: It’s a popular tv show, look for suggestive images from promotional images. Use the shows popularity to your advantage and use easily to recognize images.

You really need to take your time to find the most appropriate images. Ones that quickly and easily describe the offer. This will allow you to write more general clickbait headlines. The more targeted you are, the better the quality will be. This will help you get more cap, and higher payouts.

Tip: Learn how to duplicate winning ad images.

Ad Copy Example:

The Must-Play City Building Game of the [Decade|Year]
This is the game players around the world have been waiting for!
Fight through history and develop a magnificent empire. Start playing now!
Journey through the Ages in this Award-Winning Game
97.9% Of Male Players Lose Their Mind Playing This PC Game!
Don’t Let Anyone [Bother|Bug|See|Watch] You When Playing This Game
You’re Allowed To Do [Anything|Whatever] You Want In This Game
This Game Will Put Your Jaw On The [Floor|Ground] – Click To Play!
If you are over [21|30|40], You Must Play This Free PC Game!
This Game Shows You A New World Of Magic & Action!
Play The Best MMO Game Online Now for Free!
[Recruit|Build|Create] Mighty Armies And Join The war!
Fantasy RPG For Men – Choose A Girl And Play!
Make Powerful Alliances and Join the battle!
Play The #1 PC Game Of The Year For Free!
If you have a Computer, you have to try this Game. No Install.
Join The Fight Online In This Free To Play Game!
Ready To Taste True Power? Download World of Tanks!
Commander, Hear The Battle Cry. Take To Combat!


Be as targeted as possible in the ads, dig for a nsfw one if possible. Make sure the game is reflected in them, otherwise quality will be poor. People will sign up but they won’t come back to play again if you mislead them.

Try to always include a call to action in the headline, or at-least be clear its a PC game.

Use hotjar video capture to see if they are bouncing halfway into the questionnaire. Rewrite the copy and test again.

Try to match the landing page background to something similar to the offer pages background.

If you run NSFW ads, you will need a NSFW lander background. Otherwise bounce will be high.

Make sure you test more than one geo per offer if possible. Sometimes certain geos just don’t perform all that well. The cost of testing these offers is super low.

Don’t forget the end goal is for the user to like the game and spend money in game. I would recommend Push, native or display traffic to start off with. These sources drive more intent and people are more likely to return to the game.

Do no use a shared server to run a test, even if the volume is small.