Google is showing more and more cars for sales in the local search results. Saad AK spotted it the other day and shared a video of it in action and Riley Hope shared more details on how dealerships can get their cars in these spots. This reminds me of what we saw back in April of last year.

It is called Cars for Sale on Google Business Profiles (formerly Google My Business) and you need to fill out a form to be included. Google posted d details of this over here and wrote “Google is piloting a feature to surface cars for sale inventory on dealerships’ Business Profiles. Google users can then search, filter, and easily learn more about cars for sale, potentially directing customers to your dealership. The cars for sale inventory information is provided by car dealerships or their authorized partners. This program is currently being piloted with a handful of partners and we’re exploring ways we can work with a broader set of partners in the future to surface the most helpful and accurate information for Google users who are in the market for a vehicle. If you are a dealer or a partner who works with dealers and are interested in participating in this feature, fill out the interest form.”

Here is how the flow works from the local Google mobile search results:

Here is Saad AK’s video of how he sees it:

I asked some local automotive SEOs about this:

So if you do work with a dealership, you probably want to take advantage of it.

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