A newbie coach asked me a very smart question the other day:

“Can We Guarantee Success?”

Well, I said, if it’s about you guaranteeing your own success, you’d need one thing:

  • A regular, sustainable and scalable source of new clients, costing you less to acquire than the revenue they make you

If you can crack that nut and keep on cracking it, then, well, you’ve cracked it.

But if the question’s about an external guarantee – person X giving iron-clad success warranties on a service they’re providing to person Y, that’s a different story:

  • Nobody can, so don’t trust anyone who says that to you.

A coach, trainer or therapist is [at best] half the solution.

And their client’s the more important half.

So, no, we can’t guarantee success – particularly anyone else’s

We should just guarantee to try our best on the day, in the circumstance we find ourselves.

Hopefully, that’ll be enough.

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