In this episode of Brave Commerce, Pierre-Yves Calloc’h, chief digital officer at Pernod Ricard, joins hosts Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter to discuss the evolving landscape of the alcohol industry, shifts in consumer behavior and the impact of digital transformation.

Talking about the dynamic nature of marketing within the alcohol industry, Calloc’h highlights the expansion of marketing channels, with a focus on social media and the increasing trend of personalization. The rise of ecommerce and the utilization of data-driven tools have further revolutionized the marketing landscape, enabling almost real-time measurement of campaign performance and the ability to analyze the impact of various touchpoints.

The heart of this discussion centers around the impact of digital transformation on the industry. Calloc’h introduces the concept of marketing mix modeling and AI-powered tools that allow Pernod Ricard to measure the return on investment for different campaigns. This shift has led to more data-driven decision-making, changing the conversation between marketing, commercial and financial teams. The conversation also highlights how this new approach has not only influenced short-term sales, but also fostered discussions on brand building and innovation.

Calloc’h also explores the challenges of adapting to new digital platforms and emerging markets. He touches on the complexities of catering to different market dynamics, highlighting the potential of travel retail and its intersection with digital marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Measure ROI with AI-driven marketing mix tools for precise decision-making and team collaboration.
  • Balance data-driven tactics and creativity for agility in evolving digital landscapes.
  • Tailor strategies for each market, using lessons from experienced markets to guide new ones.